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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Taking a Chance

After talking to my wife the other night, I am going to try to submit some submissions to Black Library. They are holding an open window and no doubt they are going to get flooded with submissions. I have always loved the 40k fluff and have found many people enjoying how I have been a storyteller from role playing games and other fiction I have written in the past. This has always been a fancied dream of mine and would be nice to see your name in print. My wife is going to help be my editor as my grammar sucks for the most part and is always good to have a second set of eyes to catch mistakes you would miss.

I am working on a few write ups now, figure I will review them soon once I get the outlines jotted down and select 2-3 to be my short story submissions. My goal is to build 2-3 good works instead of too many multiple submissions that some writers do, to them machine gun as many as you can out and hope one hits. I prefer the sniper approach, line up the shot, make sure it is a good one and fire away.

Figure I may post some teasers and such soon to let anyone that cares to read my blog drop in their thoughts and input before I submit my ideas. I value outside opinion and readers here would be in the pulse of the hobby and would be one the the ultimate test points to see if you like it or not. Never know, maybe one will make it into a future book.

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