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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Book Reviews: Blood Reaver and Victories of the Space Marines

Just finished Blood Reaver this week and all I can say is amazing! At first I thought that Storm of Iron was king of Chaos books (and still is) but tells the story from the good and bad guys point of view. Blood Gorgons that I just read about a month back gave amazing insight into the evil side of Space Marines and their interesting point of view. Blood Reaver picks up from the prior Night Lords book and short story from one of the other short story books and delivers an interesting read. I always held the Night Lords on the bottom tier of interesting legions but after reading this I want to build a squad of Night Lords now just to add to my Chaos army it was that inspiring.

What makes this book so great is the characters that have developed from the book prior. From the Exalted, to Talos, to Uzas the bezerker. Each character has great moments of development and the book ends with some suprising twists as they join up with Huron and the Red Cosairs to raid a chapter world for genestock in exchange for Huron's help fixing their ship. The book closes out leaving an uncertain future and the way for another book that I am looking forward to reading. The book brings for new ships, Huron and many new characters as well as old favorites.

I would give it 4 out of 5 Chaos Stars, read this brother or be a heretic!

Just picked this book up and just finished the first short story. It was interesting and I will have to keep quiet to not offer any spoilers, but it left me with a good opening for the rest of the book.

Featured Stories of the Book:
  • Runes (Space Wolves)
  • The Rewards of Tolerance (Renegades)
  • Black Dawn (Warbringers)
  • The Long Games at Carcharias (Crimson Counsuls)
  • Heart of Rage (Blood Angels)
  • But Dust in the Wind (Imperial Fists)
  • Exhumed (Deathwatch)
  • Primary Instinct (Silver Skulls)
  • Sacrifice (Grey Knights)

Writers featured: Chris Wraight, Gav Thorpe, CL Werner, Rob Sanders, James Swallow, Jonathan Green, Steve Parker, Sarah Cawkwell and Ben Counter

What intrests me in this is how they blended some of the common chapters and typical chapters they write about and then sprinkle some of the off color ones like Crimson Counsuls and Warbringers to the table.

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