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Saturday, April 9, 2011

1850 Tournament at Anthem

On April 2nd, I went to a local tournament at Anthems Games. To me, one of the best local stores in Tampa. By far, the best gaming crowd in the area. Forgot the camera so no pics this time!

I brought an IG list consisting of:
  • Company Cmnd with 4 Melta Guns, Iron Hand Straken, Astropath, 2 Bodyguards and Chimera
  • Marbro
  • Vet squad with 3 melta guns and chimera
  • Vet Squad with 3 melta guns and chimera
  • Vets with 3 melta guns and chimera (with shotguns)
  • Vet Squad with 3 plasma guns and chmera
  • Penal  Legion Squad
  • Vendetta Gunship
  • Hellhound (Banewolf)
  • Leman Russ with Lascannon
  • Leman Russ with Lascannon and heavy bolter sponsons
  • Manticore
First round put me up against another IG player by the name of Chris.

He brought a great looking IG army in a dirty yellow (like Chem Wastes) Cmnd Squad with Master of Fleet (cancels my Astropath), Sentinel squad of 3, 2 armored Sentinels with plasma cannons, several vet squads in Chimeras, 2 Executioner Leman Russ Tanks with plasma sponsons, Vendetta Gunship and Marbro.

The first game was Dawn of War with a rain rule in effect. 1-2 Use night fight and everything moves as diff. terrain. 3-4 Moderate Rain double night fight distance and foot units treat everything as difficult terrain. 5-6 was a drizzle with no effect.

There was 5 objectives. Looking at the table, I thought about going on the offensive and was going to give him first turn. After some thought and talking back and forth holding the majority of the objectives was the best idea. Chris is a great guy, execllent player and a great sport.

Primary was to take objectives. Secondary was to have surviving kill poitns (have more) and last was Victory Points.

What can I say about this game, it was a smack him, he smacks me game. There was some amusing points on both sides like both our Marbros getting pasted after they appeared and did their demo charge of glory. The highlight was the "blarney stone" as we called it that one Chimera sat behind, I rarely failed a 4+ to save that Transport. It was amusing....

A good flank by the Penal troops took one objective and I held on to at least 2 by the end of the game. Taking the primary. He won secondary wiping more of my stuff off and thus leaving me less on the table and him killing more units gave VPs. Persoanlly, the last two was paired that it was hard to not make both for a player. 

The only downpoint of the game was some issues with true line of sight rules, but as good players we did overcome them. We 4+ a few things and I did let him shoot with a unit of Sentinels he forgot. If Chris was some hardcore douche I would not allowed it, but as this was us having fun it was good by me.

Round 2 put me up against Steve and the green horde of Orks! Steve is one of those great players in the area. Laid back, always up for a laugh with his orks.

His list. Lots of orks! He had several trucks with boyz mixed with assult weapons and pistols and shootas. A large bike squad with a paindoc built in a comlex (no two models alike) with the Warboss, a few foot slogging squads, a large burna squad in a battle wagon and a unit of storm boyz.GAH!

The mission was 3 objectives along a diagonal center line, which was our deployment zone 12" from the center. I took first, castled in a corner for the most part, he lined up ready to rumble.

The rules was a bit weird for this game, Primary was Kill Points HQ and Troops worth 2. Secondary was most objectives. A unit fully within 6" could only be seen by a unit within 12" and had a 4+ cover save. Great for assult armies! Tertiary was nominate one unit to be your kill choice.

We both picked a transport. Easy and simple.

This was a back and forth game, early first two turns was shooting heavy taking down the Orks. The Manticore taking down some orks with instant kills if they failed their cover was nice. The Bane wolf also inflicted a few and the vets finishedd of much with close range shooting. Few orks saw the light of day in hand to hand but he was able to  hold onto one objective while I had the other and the other was just shy of being taken.

I took primary with kill points, secondary was taken by him. Then we both took our kill.

Game 3 took me against Adam's Space Wolves. Great player and a fantastic army! Always a pleasure to play Adam.

We deployed 3 objectives, you had to assign 2, 1 and -1 to each objective with paper under it. Each player could only claim the others objective. This was spearhead deployment. Primary was objectives. Secondary was Table Quarters, Tertiary was kill points.

He had: Thunder Wolf Calv with mixed goodies and Lord on a wolf also with some wolf models along as wound soakers. 2 Long Fang Squads, 2 Rhino based squads with one with a Rune Priest, had pretty much a full kit in both squads. Dreadnought with multi melta and flamer in a drop pod. Not sure if I am missing something.

This was again one of those slap one another back and forth. He won the roll, deployed first. Then I held all in reserve. His Dreadnought in pod lands near mid center, the Thunder wolves blaze forward. I lay into him with few losses. Then he plows into my lines and destroys one Chimera and stuns another. I then move on enough to plaster his Thunder Pups. The game keeps going back and forth with no one getting a solid upper hand.

Primary a draw (we both had the same # of objectives), Secondary was a tie (we both had two) and the last was kill points. I took that which was a suprise.

Again my appologies about not having the camera with me to take pics. The write up is shallow this time also due to it being about a week now and I just don't recall some things and just not in the best mindset. Had my head up my arse this past two weeks due to work woes with the gov wacking people's jobs. Just makes me sick to watch good people get screwed over while fat cats sit in "appointed" positions untouched by these cuts. Sad to see the workers go and the idiots stay. That's goverment it seems.


  1. I had forgotten about the Tourny on the 2d. I would have gone up for laughs!

    So how did everyone fair?

  2. Next one is on June the first weekend, I think the 5th.

    There is a team event in Sarasota in June, 1250 each army on the 2nd weekend, Chris and I are going. If your up for a road trip they are a blast to play in. You could get your son or one of your friends down that way to team up, or I could ask Cameron or Andrew.

    Darkside is doing a 2500 one this month on the next weekend after.

    Sorry for the slow response, missed a message response happened and at work it has sucked. My job is being cut due to Scott's wonderful budget cuts. So, I am taking a 5% pay cut, going to a craptastic job, plus paying 3% to retirement also. I am rebuilding my resume and job hunting again. I hope Scott falls in the shower and cracks his skull open, he deserves to burn in hell for trashing so many good people and their work...many are being forced to retire, take crap jobs or scramble to get something else...just horrible to watch good people get jacked over by an idiot.


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