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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why no new posts?

Sorry to everyone that I have not posted anything for about two weeks. I plan to put up a battle report soon (without pics, forgot the camera) and post some WIP things....been kinda in a funk of late with everything.

Had to have surgery for one of my dogs and much chaos at work with our insane Gov's plans to cut everyones job yet claims to "get everyone back to work". Instead of cutting the fat they cut the good people instead which I think is the biggest anger issue I am dealing with. I know cuts are going to happen, I know some that are already going on at work and more is on the way. Our dept has no clue what the final results are but everyone thinks doom and gloom. At this point I am trying to figure out if I have something to go to, should I go back to school or job hunt.

I figure tomorrow I will give a run down of the tournament I just went to and see what I can shoot for some WIP photos. Again, sorry for the funk I am in. Like a good general you take defeats with the wins. This isn't a defeat yet, but is a setback. What I Do from here is the game breaker.

Thanks everyone! Improved content and more posting soon again!!!! 

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