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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Warhammer and Wine

Today my wife and I went to Lakeridge Winery for some tasting and bought a bottle of their Red Wine (sweet) that inspired me to compare a good game of Warhammer to wine.

A good game of Warhammer is like having a great bottle of wine. Why you may ask? You enjoy the moment and you leave the game with a feeling of  "Wow, that was a great game....wish all could be like that." In some ways enjoying the wine is like enjoying the hobby. You can take a moment to admire the color of the wine, much like a well painted army, both are pleasing to the eye. While an army of grey plastic or primered models would be like looking a wine that is clouded with residue from a bad process. The taste of wine is much like the enjoyment of the social aspect of the game. A moment of sharing something that is enjoyable and something to keep the mind sharp. The flavor of a good game can leave with you from the table just as much as a bad wine can leave a sour taste just as a horrible game can leave you with that same feeling. Last, there is the moment of reflection as the wine is gone and the models are packed away. There is that passing moment of reminder that it is time to go back to life. Yet, the positive and negativity of your experience can follow you for thought....

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