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Friday, December 31, 2010

Hobby Pledges of the New Year!

As the year comes to a close and 2011 knocks at our door, it is time to make those resolutions once again. I have been thinking about this and feel that many of us don't make realistic ones and often not the right ones.

So, I have decided to create this blog about pledges. I may do a montly post and people can comment stating what they are going to build/convert/paint as a goal for the month. One of the reasons why I made this blog was that to reflect back on my work to gauge how I am applied to the hobby. Cameron said last night that he needs to focus more on painting, I also am in this same boat. Everyone has a pledge I am sure about their hobby so declare it!

For me my year long pledge is to paint more!

Next month! I am going to purchase the final bits I need to finish my Space Wolves project and start painting. I am even already warming my wife to the idea of buying an airbrush and compressor. This from my discussions with people has been an amazing tool to getting bulk units and vehicles done. Something that really appeals to me.

I am going to hope to have one squad done each week. Lofty goal perhaps? Too easy? We shall see....

Tell us about your goals for the year and the first month fo 2011!


  1. Hobby Pledge do not buy another item until I finish painting what I got! Your armies list reminded me of that haha.

    I do have a habit of getting ahead of myself. So gonna stay focused, try to finish what I got :-)

  2. Patrick, I think you should pledge the very same - do not buy any more until you finish what you have. Hahahaha


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