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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Who Let the Dogs Out!

Worked on a few select models this week trying to get all my legs and torso bits ready to assemble into a few squads to round out my army.

2 Rune Priests (1 Painted) (1 primered)
1 Wolf Priest
1 Lord/WGBL with Thunder hammer and Storm Shield (primered)
1 Lord/WGBL with Wolf Claw (going to magnet the other hand to switch out weapons)
Najal Stormcaller

1 Iron Priest (techmarine conversion in works)
7 Thunderwolves including one with a power fist, Wolf Claw and Frost weapon. (WIP converting)
1 Land speeder with Multimelta and Heavy Flamer (painted)
1 Dreadnought (WIP to convert)
1 Land Raider (in box)
2 Drop Pods (in box)
4 Rhino/Razorbacks (WIP to finish, just the basic assembly is done)
15 Blood Claws with power weapon and 2 flamers (ready to primer)
4 Squads of Grey Hunters each with power weapon, 2 meltas and a Wulfin. (Pending some bits and work)
3 Long Fangs with 5 missiles each (pending to order 5 more missiles) (1 squad painted) (1 squad to primer)
Another Long Fang squad of 4 Lascannons (primered)
10 Terminators (pending magnet order to interchange arms)
15 Wolves (painted already for Vampire Counts, just used Goblin Rider wolves)
2 Scout Units of 5 (pending Wulfin heads and some conversion work, some primered)
2 other Grey Hunters with flamers (flex models)

Still have another box of Space Wolves to purchase; this will let me create a Multimelta squad and 1 extra Lascannon along with some Standard bearers and perhaps some plasma/flamer options. (hrm may need two!) I like to have options with my army. Based on what Chris owns also we can borrow from one another giving us enough stuff to make pretty much two companies of Space Wolves to work with. Working with some friends to perhaps learn to use an airbrush to speed up painting for the Wolves to get them done faster. I figure wait for a Michaels or  Hobby Lobby get 40% off a good double action brush and buy a good air compressor on sale at the Home Depot/Lowes and I am good to go. 

Shopping list:
Wulfin Heads
2 boxes of Space Wolves
2-4 combi meltas
5 missile launchers
2 cyclone launchers
extra terminator power weapons (regular or space wolf)

*sigh* after looking at my inventory, gonna need now 2 boxes of Space Wolves and forgot the Terminator bits...arg!


  1. I have a couple ML i will bring them by on Thursday. Sounds like fun building a footsloggers list, interested to see how it does!

  2. Wow! If you do, big thanks. Is there some bits your looking for?

  3. That look like a fun list! Also looks like ALOT OF WORK! Keep us updated, and More Pictures :-)


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