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Friday, December 31, 2010

Da Boyz vs Da Umies! Orks Vs IG Batrep

My second game last night was short lived due to the store closing. With 30mins left and we was on turn two it was better to call the game, pack up and put everything away to keep in the good graces of the store.  There is a raincheck for this game to see how this will play out in the future. Perhaps over beer and burgers at my house or an arranged game at the store with a better time slot.

I had:
Warboss with attack squig, klaw, twin linked shoota and cybork
Big Mek with KFF and Klaw
14 Lootas
15 Kommandos with 2 burnas and Snikrot
19 Ard Boyz with Nob with Klaw and Bosspole
Battlewagon with Red Paint job and big shoota
25 Boyz with 2 Rockets with Nobz with Klaw and Bosspole
30 Boyz with 3 Rockets with Nobz with Klaw and Bosspole
10 Grots and Handler
19 Vulcha Boyz and Zagstruck

He had (from memory)
2 Heavy Weapons teams with lascannons
1 Heavy Weapons Team with missiles
lots of blob infantry squads
Command Squad with Commissar attached with Chimera with heavy flamer in hull
Rough Riders
Hellhound with flamer in the hull
Pask in Vanquisher with lascannon
2 Valks in a squadron with no missile pods.
Some special weapons teams

The game was Kill Points with spearhead deployment in a city based table. He deploys much of his army in cover and blobs  up his infantry squads to reduce Kill Points (very smart) and prepares for a turn or two of shooting. Wait for the Ork assult and then counter assult with flamer squad and riders.,

Well his first turn killed about 15 orks early on with lots of shooting. Ick! I had the KFF out with both squads in cover best I could with the Lootas. The Wagon comes in from long edge along with the Gorts (to avoid being an easy KP) with Snikrot sneaking about and the Vulcha Boyz from above deep striking.

I opened up with the Lootas on his Hellhound that zipped out fast (he forgot to blow smoke) and I managed to make it immobile. Good! Reduces the ability to shoot into my horde! A lucky rocket shot makes one Valk immobile making the squadron limited in movement or force loosing the one Valk in the exchange otherwise. Not a bad start. Weze are Deathskull Lootas and we had blue so we lucky!

His second turn pounds my Lootas some, kills a few. Downs a few more Orks, unit falls below 11 and I have to test, no problem.

Now the reserves. Snikrot and Boss with Wagon shows! Boss rolls on 13", they jump out, declare a Waagh! while the other two Boyz squads advanced also. We had the Lootas kill one heavy weapons team with some poor shooting performance. Meh! Snikrot burns one squad covering the rear and kills a few rough riders. The squad breaks (my primary target) and rest of the orks makes some good rolls. I fall short on one charge. My larger squad of boyz piles into one IG squad. The Kommandos charge the falling back unit. They rally and are promptly eaten along with the heavy weapons missile team and the command squad in back (multi charge). The Boss wrecks the Chimera (STR 10 on a stationary vehicle) 6 BOOM! but only 2". No real losses but the command squad looses 3 fleebs leaving one and the Commander and Commissar.

At this point we called it....due to the store closing. I had two units still in reserve. 2 KP and He lost 5 totak KP at that point. He could have counter assulted with the Rough Riders, flamered my orks and shot the crud out of me and could have swung it back to a balance then depending on my actions. I still have the Vulchas to drop that could have been ugly.

Great game! Great opponent! What more could you close out your gaming year with. but two grudges. Space Wolves vs 1000 Sons and IG vs  Orks!

Some pics of the game....

The Deployment

Da Dead Pile!

Heh! Stop that Hellhound!

Der'be Umies in there somewhere!
Not fur long!

*Knock Knock*
"Mr Kommisar I want your 'at!"

Hey wait! Orks don't sneak!

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