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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Books to Read! Reviews on older stuff I've read....

Just picked these two books up today! Looking forward to cracking them open and reading Dan Abnett's stuff. A shame about his illness and I hope we can see many more great things to come. I've always been a fan of Gaunt's Ghosts and the prequel book "A Thousand Sons" was a great book that really opened the fluff door for them giving some great insight into their chapter and their struggles being one of the most unique of the Legions. This one not only has one of my favorite soon-to-be Chaos Legions but also has the Space Wolves another of the armies I am working on.

On to some of the recent stuff I've read: <<<No spoilers!>>>

This was a great book from the IG line with the Death Corps of Kreig vs  Necrons with a light love story set in the middle (if you could call it that). You really can see the depth of how the Death Corps works and how their attitude towards warfare is perhaps by far the most "mechanical". The Commissars are a bit interesting as they are not the hard ass political office but in this case more of a man of politics and reflection on the human spirit in the dark times. A recommended reading, the ending is a bit of a suprise compared to many IG novels but we are talking about Necrons VS Death Corps!

This follow up book was great! I love the Salamanders (had them at one time but was stripped down for Dark Angels as their rules from 3rd was gimped) and this story did not disappoint me in the least. Vulcan He'stan making an apperance in this novel was pretty cool as you got to see some of his personality in his grim quest to recover the artifacts of their gene-father. This book takes on a three fold nature of the story giving way to the newly trained Librarian and his ordeals, with the newly appointed Firedrake (the other rival sgt from the first book) taking a reflective stance into how empty his life has been and of the Chaplain and his own demons of his past. Pick this one up!

Amazing! This book ranked up there with Flight of Eisenstein and A 1000 Sons. This books sheds alot of light into the corruption of the Word Bearers before any of the others came to be. One of the interesting aspects of reading this book like the others is reading about the tragic fall of the chapters and their damming tales that spiraled them into the hands of Chaos. After reading this, my earlier thoughts of the God Emperor not being so great is even more true as to me he was a very poor "father" to the chapters and to be a spirit of humanity he sucked at the most basic principle of being human. The book brings up some serious questions as to why the Emperor allowed things to go on from being reunited with his son all the way to the time he punished the Word Bearers for their religous zeal and venerification of the Emperor as a god. Some of the shocking parts of the book really casts some new light on events we all know and love. Nuff said! The nice cap to the book is telling of the story of the massaccare at Istavan where the rebellion really came to a head. The Iron Warriors rocked in this....their cold calculated attitude in the fight made me laugh and feel all warm as they was my first Legion to have the honor to paint.

Feel free to talk about anything you have to hear your thoughts on the above books. Just don't spoil the new ones!

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