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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prospero's Revenge! Space Wolves vs 1000 Sons

Just got home after playing two great games at Anthem (one of my LGS in the area) against two great players. One is our very own Doomicon (check out his blog of the 4 Gamers challenge!) in a small 1000pt game of fluff.

We setup a ruined city table and rolled the mission. We got the standard each player had to protect their objective and capture the other. We had the pitched battle deployment and promptlys started to roll dice.

The dice roll went to Doomicon that setup his objective in the center of his deployment zone, mine was off to the side to give me a little more defensive base against the Space Wolves. His deployment was his Long Fangs next to his Razorback with a squad of Grey Hunters close by to protect his objective. His other Grey Hunter squad hid behind a build to avoid being a target. His drop pod was held in reserve with Lukas and a Wolf Priest with 8 Blood Claws.

From memory his list:
Wolf Priest
Lukas with 8 Blood Claws (think there was a flamer and power weapon)
2 Grey Hunter packs with power fists in them and melta weapons and flamers.
Razorback with TL Lascannons
Drop Pod
5 Long Fangs with 2 plasma and 2 lascannons.

My list was this:
Demon Prince with the MOT with Doombolt
3 squads of 9 Thousand Sons with a Sorcerer included with Doombolt.

My defense was to keep one squad close to protect the objective, one squad to the right to counter any attempts to move on my objective and the last squad to march up the middle. The Demon prince was to the right of this squad ready to either assist with the forward assult or defend the objective.

Click for a larger image for any pictures shown....

My deloyment around the objective hidden in the ruined building.

Cool shot of the Demon Prince with the far left squad.

The field in all it's glory....

Failed the seize roll and game on! Drop Pod landed and scattered back 7" from  his target zone. Blood Claws pile out and run. Both Grey Hunter squads move with the one running up to support the Blood Claws. His shooting removes a few 1000 Sons, puts a wound on the Prince...ick!

Lukas and company arrive!
My losses so far! Bear in mind I only have 24 Marines and 3 Sorcerers!

My turn advances my Sons slowly with SAP getting in the way. I crack off several shots killing some Blood Claws. Then Demon Prince charges into the squad and inflicts one wound on the Wolf Priest and attacks the squad killing a few. He pulls off several saves and only looses one wound. Fearless causes the loss of a few more.  Leaving Lukas and the Priest on their own.

Blood Claws Dead! Here comes the Grey Hunters!

Note the cowardly Grey Hunters hidden in the ruins after being beaten in combat!
 Bad puppies! No Saga for you!
His turn pulls the Grey Hunters up and piles them into the combat. We exchange a few more shots and one of his Long Fangs rolls a 1 and 1 for an armor save after an overheat killing himself. The Demon Prince manages to avoid death by rolling lots of 3+ and 4+ saves....then manages to win the fight again. Driving off the Grey Hunters. Lukas and the wounded Wolf Priest holding on. There was several saves on Lukas trying to get that dang "Last Laugh" to go off....I think Tzeench has other plans.

My turn fires into the Grey Hunters again that just fell back killing all but 2. I exchange some shots with his other Grey Hunter Squad as we take some losses back and forth from the various turns. I manage to kill the other two Blood Claws leaving Lukas and the Priest.

Lukas and the Demon Prince faces off for the final showdown!

His turn 3 charges the Grey Hunters back into the fight with the Prince. His other Grey Hunter pack falls short of a charge. Another Plasma Long Fang bites the big one with another overheat and a failed armor save. Ugh! The Demon Prince eats the other two Grey Hunters and bags the Wolf Priest. It is just now Lukas and the Prince.

Fire at Will! Or whoever that idiot in the front is!

My turn shoots up his remaining GH squad, killing like one or two models. Meh! Demon Prince wacks Lukas after he inflicts two wounds on the Prince passing both Inv Saves! At this point I think I passed 6-7 4+ inv. saves in this fight. Lukas takes two wounds, rerolls them due to the cloak and they still happen. We roll the dice, each of us has a 4. Lukas has the last laugh! Well, maybe Tzeench and Mangus the Red may have other plans for this Demon Prince.

Yea, is the Vortex Grenade Template and fitting ending for an epic battle!

We call the game at this point, He has one squad of Grey Hunters and one Long Fang squad with his Razorback and Drop Pod still kicking. I only lost the Prince and perhaps about half of one squad. I would be hard pressed to get to his side and he really didn't have a chance to capture mine or kick me off in 3 turns with what he had.

A great game, been a long time since  I've played Chaos and found myself a bit rusty on them. We had some confusion with the T and S of the Demon Prince that may could have resulted in a few more wounds but may or may not have made a huge impact to the game. The game itself was intended to be fun and a learning curve for Doomicon to sharpen  his game play. As as Space Wolf player I would say get rid of this Plasma Cannons! He is cursed I tell you!


  1. LOL! Yea great game, was cool to play someone with some experience. Surprisingly I was shocked how much we've been doing correctly. Big thing the 4G noobs were doing wrong was the wound allocation at the end of losing assault (fearless).

    Plasma Cannons, Only one in four games have I ever got to shoot a plasma in Turn 3. Not only gets hot, but have ALWAYS failed my saves! But you gotta admit, it was good for laughs!!! It was freakin hilarious!

    Thanks for the game, gotta do it again sometime!

  2. No problem. Enjoyed the game and meeting you. The crew you had with you seemed like a great bunch of guys.

    I would have to see about another two table toppers (to make 4 tables total) at my place we could get a few people together for beers (if any of you drink) and burgers at the cabana where I live.

  3. That would be awesome! btw, Happy New Year!


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