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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last Game before the Playoffs

Well, it is the last game for me in the league, then we will see who the top players are to go on to the Squigbowl finals. I have a good chance, I think if some people did well their last few games, that could impact my position but until everything is said and done all I can do is play my last game and wait.

Patrick (my name twin in the league) has been playing his Slann team the Mosswog Pollywogs with a decent record. What I have to watch out for is their speed, leaping ability and their decent AG (between 3-4). What do I have with Orcs? Toughness and strength (3-4) on my side and some decent speed (average 5-6 with some 4). I am going to have to take some time to defend the backfield and avoid being shot around like last time when I played the Lizardmen and lost my ass to some bad choices. What I look forward to the most is we have the always unusual games where weird crap just happens and it is a total scream.

I plan to try to remember to bring the camera. Patrick is an outstanding painter with his frogs and would look great against my orcs in a game report within the next  night or two. We shall see how this all shakes out....

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