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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playoff Bound!

Well, it took 3 seasons to make the playoffs but I did have a terrible time with my Necromantic team the first two seasons.

That said, I am waiting now to hear back from my opponent. The person that I should be playing stepped down as he has a baby due any moment and I wish him the best for a healthy and happy child. The next players came down to a tie and the commish had to find a tiebreaker to know who I am playing that is the Lizardmen! I have two weeks to play my game before the big game.

There are two games during this span that are like this:
Orks vs. Lizardmen
Undead vs. Slann

Two teams are fast, two teams have great AV, one is tough and the other has some elements of being strong/tough (Lizardmen) The Undead have had a superb record and will be a tough opponent to take down if I win this match and have to face them for the finals. I am just pleased to make the playoffs!


  1. Well done indeed - thats great news reflecting a solid performance!

  2. What sucks is that the guy I was to play his wife is about to give birth to their baby. So, it went down to runner up people.

    The guy I have to play has not responded to 3 contact attempts, we are supposed to be finished by this end of the week. I think I am going to end up with either a concession auto win (with min points) or have to play someone else on short notice.


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