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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's been going on...what to expect!

Well, it has been quiet since my last posting but I have a load of stuff to post up very soon, some tonight even. Features include:

  • Upcomming Malestorm Tournamen
  • 40k Tournament Battle Report Last week.
  • Review on Black Cat Bases (on Dice of Legends)
  • Review on Foundry Figures (on Dice of Legends)
  • Posting of player guides for Cowboys and Lawmen (on Dice of Legends)
  • What’s on the painting table.
  • Some short stories continued.
  • Blood Bowl Playoff Report

Things have been busy for me, my wife’s dad had back surgery, work, spending time with my wife and dealing with some medical issues that has been nagging her for some time. A good friend of mine got married and I helped him move his stuff in storage during the marriage transition! Whew!

I’ve also had a bout of being lazy and just painted, watched the Silver Surfer animated series, caught up on several movies and have been playing two video games Star Trek Online and Jagged Alliance 2 (with the new updated patch with tons of weapons, new characters and such) off and on. I have also been working hard to rework my hobby room into something akin to sanity again as I have really let it go since I had it well organized not long ago. I figure I may take advantage of this weekend and clean it up.

I have also just picked my latest novel to read the Gildar Rift, so expect a review soon!

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