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Monday, January 23, 2012

Well, we are in 2012 now!

Well, it is a new year and we are close to the end of the month. Everyone always gives their resolutions early in the year but I wanted some time to think about mine when it applies to gaming.

So here goes, the 2012 resolutions.

1)     Finish more models. My goal is to finish at least two armies and post on a regular basis on my blog as well as Photobucket site.
2)     Play more Warhammer Fantasy games. Late in the year I got back into Fantasy with a total of 4 games. This year, I want to make a few tournaments and triple the number of Fantasy games played.
3)     Finish at least 1 army for 40k before 6th.
4)     Learn more new games. I am considering trying out Warmachine. I also have Legends of the Old West, Legends of the High Seas and Gladiator to work with and I also am really getting interested in Strange Aeons.
5)     Finish two tables worth of scenery.
6)     Improve the LGS scenery at Anthem games as well as the tables.
7)     Improve the organization of my hobby room and models packed away properly.

I wanted to give myself some time, so I have been taking some time off just cleaning the hobby room, doing some housework, spending time with the wife playing Monopoly among other things. Of late I have been giving myself a good relaxing time playing Jagged Alliance 2, I just found out they did an upgrade that is AMAZING. New characters, guns and much more….it’s like a new game all over again!

Now that things are calming down there is going to be several posts flying about now that I hope will be both enjoyable and informative.

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