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Friday, April 26, 2013

The frantic before the Kalm!

Sorry for the lack of posts of late. I have been rather busy with a variety of things and I still don’t feel like I have recovered totally from all the medical ordeals that my mom went through. I think the mental part of healing over a major series of traumatic events can take its toll and can eat at you. So, it takes time to regenerate those lost parts of your mind and soul.

What is going on? Well lots, I have about a week left for my preparation rituals for the Kalm in Huntsville Alabama on the weekend of May 4th! I still have to reserve the van and confirm our hotel reservations I made to ensure everything is in order. Plus to my tradition I adjusted my list again early this week and working on a few final items to my army including a Land Raider Crusader, a Ravenwing biker and a Darkshroud Speeder.

Last night I spent most of the night putting the speeder together and tossing some green Army Painter spray on the Land Raider to speed up the painting for that monster. I feel pretty good about the painting goals of having all three done by next week. Sure, no transfers may be done but at least it will be painted and ready for the table.

I have also been teaching one of my friend’s Blood Bowl. Chris ordered a croc team but it has yet to show up after 6 weeks and the company has yet to return an email to him. It was lucky he had a Chaos team in a box he bought long ago and just painted them up quickly to have something to play. After two test games I helped him come up with what I feel is a good team mix that he should enjoy. Simple and brutal was my goal, but well that is my concept also.

Our itinerary is really stacking up and it looks like we will have a busy time out:

Thursday: pick up rental van, assemble the crew and hit the road! Stop after about a 7-8 hour drive to my parents to spend the night and visit them. This will be the first time I have seen my mother in about 5 months as the last time I left her she was in the hospital still after I sat vigil for her from the tumor removal from her brain until she was stable and recovering for well over a week.

Friday: Load up early and make the Huntsville in about 2 or so hours, making the Huntsville Space Center when it opens. Then off to the hotel to check in and play Blood Bowl that night with beer and pizza.

Saturday: The big event! Head off to Knuckleheads (a bar that hosts the tournament) and start playing and drinking beer. I had a blast last year, this year should be even better! After we finish and awards are done we are going to watch Iron Man 3 that night!

Sunday: Up early and hit the road stopping in Dothan Alabama at a BBQ spot I found that has been in the family for a 100+ years (not the building, just the business!). Chris and I spotted it on the way home last time (sadly we ate at Wendy’s an hour before) and when I did stop on my way up for my mom’s surgery I treated myself to a good BBQ meal. Very tasty stuff!

Monday: Recovery day! Return the van early.

So far my 1.1 million Blood Bowl Orc team is like this:
4 Black Orcs - 2 with Block, 2 with Wrestle
4 Blitzers – 2 with Dodge, 1 with kick, 1 with sure hands
3 Linemen
2 Rerolls
1 Fan Factor

It is tough, skilled and decent all around. I look forward to some Blood Bowl on Friday!

My pending 40k list is something like this:

Sammuel (in speeder)
Land Raider Crusader
Command Squad (with the Salvo 2/4 banner)
6 Full bikes with 2 plasma guns and an attack bike with a multi melta.
3 units of 3 bikes with 2 plasma guns and an attack bike as above.
1 Darkshroud Speeder
1 Blood Angel Librarian (with spear and sword powers) with jump pack.
2 Squads of Blood Angels with jump packs, 2 melta guns each.

3 vehicles and 45 marines loaded with plenty of plasma, melta and bolter hell with cover saves, scout and deep strike options to help keep me alive to achieve goals. It may work well, maybe it will die a screaming death.

I will post some teaser shots of the WIP stuff...wish me luck next week!


  1. It's good to see you back.

    Looking forward to those WIP posts!

    Good luck and take care of yourself.


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