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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Doubles GT Crucible (Narrative)

Here is a rough run down of the event, the lists and the games....check my other posts for images of the games!

Chris and I brought the theme of “The Lion and the Wolf” (Space Wolves and Dark Angels)

The Wolf:
Rune Priest: Runic Armor, Living Lighting, Murderous Hurricane, Choose of the Slain
Grey Hunters x10 with 2 Plasma Guns
Grey Hunters x10 with 2 Plasma Guns
Grey Hunters x10 with 2 Plasma Guns
Long Fangs x6 with 5 Missile Launchers

The Lion:
Librarian (Divination), Melta Bombs
Command Squad: Standard of Devastation
Tactical Squad x5: all bolters
Tactical Squad x10 Missile Launcher (Flakk), Plasma Gun
Tactical Squad x10, Missile Launcher (Flakk), Plasma Gun
Aegis Defense Line

First round was against Reggie and Daniel from Miami.

Commander R’myr (Forge World Character)
2 Crisis Suits (Missile/Plasma and Multi Trackers)
Remote Sensor Tower Team (Troop choice, weird!, Forge World)
Hammerhead Gunships x2 with burst cannons.

Sorcerer: Lv2, Mark of Tzeench
Hell Blade
Chaos Marines x10 with Heavy Bolter, Mark of Tzeench, Vets of Long War
Large block of cultists x15 (I think)

Deployment: Dawn of War. One of the two players had to flank and gained outflank ability for the entire army. We opted for the Space wolves, their side went with the Chaos Marines.

Overall we had a great game; we played this father and son at a prior LGS and had a good time playing against them. The father is slowly getting his son not only into 40k but also to start going to some GT style events.

We won with a solid 15 to 8 going on to the second round.

Second round was against Chris C and Zach from Kissimmee. They had a massive tank list of IG and Blood Angels. Including a rhino with a librarian, a pair of speeders with multi-meltas and flamers, a squad of marines with a Storm Raven and IG was a Medusa, a pair of Manticores, some infantry (I think veterans, one squad), Chimera with Primus psyker and psyker battle squad and a Vendetta.

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

Again this was a surprising game as we expected to loose our ass to all the firepower but staying bunkered down and stuck to the mission plan (avoid dying!) They earned only 2 points while Chris and I earned 9.

Last Round was against Eric and John from Miami with IG and Demons. They had, Masque, large unit of Flamers, one or two small unit of scoring Nurglings (there was more) and IG side had a Leman Russ, Command squad with a master of ordnance, some various weapons, a Veteran unit with heavy weapons and such.

Again, this was a hard fought game earning us 9 them for 9 points for a steady draw. We ended the tournament with 33 points total taking third place. Second was 35 and first place went to the team we played last round with a total of 49 points.

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