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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Invasion in 2 days!

T-Minus 2 days…just in a mere two days the crew is launching from Florida to invade Alabama’s Kalm Before the Waaaggghh 2013!

Everyone I can tell is pumped about going. Something about like minded guys going out on a no-holds trip to go play 40k, Blood bowl, watch Iron Man 3 and visit the Space Center in Huntsville. It is that rare moment where we can let the inner geek out and run free in the fields of miniature tables! *laugh*

Still, tonight will be most of my packing as my wife’s father’s birthday is Wednesday and I can get all my models organized and all my gaming supplies together. I want to just do a few things on the last night and be ready to get the van on Thursday and hit the road. Plus it will be nice to see my parents for a night, being that out of the last 3 times I saw my mother twice was in the hospital with critical issues.

I am pumped to get 3 great games of Blood Bowl in, last year I got Best Offense with my Orks, I hope to get a trophy again! As for 40k, I don’t aim to win a trophy but I hope to have 3 great games and I am curious how my army concept will work. It is balanced, strong but not over the top or full of cheese. I hope with some good dice luck and a strong game on my part could wrangle me towards the top this year.

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