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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is GW doing the right thing?

Well, you may have heard a few things that GW has been up to that makes me stop and wonder what the hell they are thinking.

First, they are dropping the Specialist lines, several items are showing as "no longer available" on their site and the indicator is that they are all going away. So, what happens when they pull the pdfs? How will Blood Bowl continue without the living rules published? The IP Nazis would make them take it down it would seem. The same for the other games? Bad idea getting rid of the line? Well, I know it isn't a huge money maker but keeping the historical records of the PDFs and having the minis to purchase isn't a bad thing. Money is money and nothing up front has to be done plus does it really take up that much space? Not really IMO. They could do steps to reduce yet still support. Sad to see an era of good gaming going to hell.

Second, Blogs are getting hit now that are posting up stuff GW has not released yet...yea, they are protecting their IP and want to sell their White Dwarf mags, but let me say this nobody in the gaming industry has such a martial method of holding lordship over their IP and information. Plus, they pulled their Facebook, wow, don't like bad publicity GW? Other companies have embraced it and are using it as a positive tool to promote their stuff. I think GW is adding more holes to their ship and taking on more water. How long until the company sinks? 10 years? 15 years? Maybe less?

I love the game but with all the price hikes and dickish attitudes to their fans it makes me wonder if this is a company I want to continue to support with my hobby money. What do you think?


  1. You know what I think...

    I'm going to follow the hobby down to Davy Jones' Locker...but I'm not going to throw more money after it.
    Trading, Ebay (selling and buying) etc...but recent behavior puts me off.

  2. The last thing I bought from GW was the latest 40k starter box. I was considering getting the new CSM codex, until I saw the price tag. Double what the last one cost me a year ago, with less content in it. I'll happily play the game with the hundreds of models I already have, and the rule books and codices I already own. They'll receive no more money from my pockets.

  3. I am going more the way that Exitus is going, Ebay, Trading and discount retailers...I have not given them money direct in a long time and I plan to keep it that way.

  4. Now I know why none of those links for the pre-sale on those High Elves didn't go to the page.

    They'll find some way to stop the secondary Ebay market. People like Rosetta Stone have done it.

  5. I went to 15mm, and will never look back, bye bye GW.


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