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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Power Fists Vs Power Weapons in challenges.


This just hit me like a cold night on Fenris when I was working on a possible list for next month when I was looking at Wolf Guard.

In 5th, the favorite package was to give them a combi-melta and power fists. My friend and I used to put power weapons in the Grey Hunter squads to balance that out as this option worked better than Wulfin.

With 6th, we have a new issue being they are “characters” when they attach to a unit. So, a power fist could be challenged now and killed removing the threat from the combat. On the other hand if you swap the power weapon for the fist, the Wolf Guard has a slightly better chance to survive but you take the loss of a +1 attack. Still, this is better than NEVER being able to attack at all if you get challenged (and killed) or you refuse and are unable to fight.

Many other Marine armies are going to take this worse as their Sergeant is usually the only model to have the option to take a power fist. This now comes down to a simple, challenge and kill concept that could push the popularity of the power fist back as time goes on if the Challenge system starts to be used in an aggressive format in games.

Well, this means I will be pulling out my figures tonight and doing a few weapon swaps! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chaos Army Photos Started

Well, today I started to take a few shots of my army and fill up some of the folders in my photobucket account that have been sitting there empty for far to long.

So, without further introduction:

I have added Thousand Sons (a few pictures), a few WIP Death Guard, my Word Bearers and Iron Warriors. Enjoy!

Here is a few samples...

1000 Sons Shoulder Pad (detail on each squad)

Iron Warriors Warsmith

WIP Nurgle Lord

WIP Nurgle Apothocary

Iron Warriors Spawn

Iron Warriors Havoks...

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Eye of Rumors has opened! Chaos Marines ready to roll!

From Faiet's 212 Blog:

Release date – 1st September (7 weeks he said) and it is a hard back like the 8e WFB Army Books. Rumor states the books are in the warehouse worldwide.

There is an Eye of the Gods esque table (Warriors of Chaos players will know what I am talking about) that you get to roll on whenever a character kills another character in a challenge, or a Walker or Monstrous Creature. There is a multitude of gifts (and curses) that your Characters can acquire which range from +1 Save, +1 Toughness, or becoming either a Spawn or a Daemon Prince!!!
Chaos Cultists are definetely in (but we all kinda know that already), as is the ‘Dragon’ – think Necron Night Scythe with the main chassis been replaced by a massive mechanical dragon head with segmented wings sweeping forward and around from it. On top of those there are also:

Dark Apostles – evil Chaplains basically
Warp Smiths – evil Techmarine that can curse vehicles and degrade terrain.
A new Daemon Engine – half way between a Dreadnought and a Defiler.
Speaking of Defilers as they are Daemons they have a 5+ Inv save.
‘Cult’ units are all Elites and are unlocked to Troops by appropriate HQ choices, but there are no Cult Terminators which makes me sad.
Obliterators are exclusively for shooting – so no powerfists. BUT there is a new unit which is basically a close combat Obliterator.
There are 2 types of Raptors now; regular CSM with Jump Packs, and then some kind of Possessed Daemonic Raptors that all come with Lightning Claws!
Possessed are meant to be amazing, and take a lot of benefits from the Eye of the Gods esque table.
There are NO Daemons in the Codex because that is what Allies are for.

My thoughts:

Well, this has me excited to see the new changes and if GW does this right or does another cluster f***. I will tackle each in turn…

Dark Apostles: If true, that rocks for my Word Bearers, combined with allied Demon lists almost brings back the good ole days of Index Astrates rules.

Warp Smiths: Evil Techmarines? Oh yea, could be interesting and as an Iron Warriors player as well this is VERY cool if true.

Defilers with a 5+ Inv Save? Wow! I have three waiting in the wings!

Obliterators: Sadface here, no power fists.  New Close combat (unless they get boosted in I, that is a joke), still nothing to sneeze at now with the changes to weapons, Plasma and Lascannons are +1AP, melta +2 AP, twin linked shorter ranges, plasma blasts, twin linked templates (flamer)…oh yea!

Cultists: Looking forward to brushing the dust off my Beastmen and Old Chaos Cultists until the new stuff is out!

New Raptors changes? Sounds interesting, been sitting on about a dozen of these waiting for them to be of use!

Possessed: Oh yea, I have tons of unfinished ones and some converted cybered out Iron Warriors as possessed sitting in the box waiting for something doo to happen.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The 5th Edition I used to know...lyrics only!

I need to find someone that can animate this to a music video...I may drop the Flashgitz on Youtube a line!

Read this to the Gotye song: "The Person I used to know..."

Now and then I think of when we gamed together
Like when you said you felt so happy you could roll a die
Told myself that this list was right for me
But felt so lonely buying from your company
But that was the game and it's an ache I still remember

You can get addicted to a certain kind of rules
Like random game length to the end, always the end
So when we found this game could not make much sense
Well you said that we would still be gamers
But I'll admit that I was glad Chaos is next

But you didn't have to invalidate my codex
Make out like it like 5th Edition never happened and that it was nothing
And I don't even need your game
But you treat me like a customer and that feels so rough
No you didn't have to raise your prices
Have your trolls collect my orders and then charge my credit card
I guess that I don't need that book
Now you're just a 5th edition that I used to know

Now you're just a 5th edition that I used to know
Now you're just a 5th edition that I used to know

Now and then I think of all the times I screwed my fans over
Part of me believing it was always something that I'd written
But I will have the game my way
Reading into every internet word you say
You said that you could let it go
And I wouldn't catch you hung up on an edition that you used to know

But you didn't have to cut me off
Make out like it like 5th Edition never happened and that it was nothing
And I don't even need your game
 you treat me like a customer that feels so rough
No you didn't have to raise your prices
Have your trolls collect my orders and then charge my credit card
I guess that I don't need that book
Now you're just a 5th edition that I used to know

An edition
(I used to know)
An edition
(Now you're just a game that I used to know)

(I used to know)
(That I used to know)
(I used to know)
5th Edition

Tournaments, Terrain and Tough Calls!

 Wow that is a great deal of T’s there! Well, this I have noticed is slowly becoming a topic of debate among various forums and one major GT has already posted their primer.
 First let’s look at the issues you have to tackle as a tournament organizer with the changes to 6th edition:
 Terrain is a great spot to start as this has changed a great deal. For the most part you have to tackle a series of questions:
  • Mysterious Terrain and Artifacts allowed? Unless you make this scenario specific or set the same item of terrain on every table this becomes a very tough call. If you leave it up to the players it wastes more time with them looking up stuff and deciding to use the rule or not.
  • Buildings are now in and detailed more than ever. Will they work in a tournament? A tough call, to me it makes the game more complex working out results on a building and the squad inside.
  • Ruins are now the only thing that is 4+ cover and they have made them a bit more clearly on the rules as well.
  • Area Terrain covers a wide range now; just about everything has a 5+ saves.
  • Dangerous Terrain is rarely found in a tournament unless the table is set and it is clear.
  • Impassable comes up at times when you get that lump of scenery that just is silly and hard to work with.
  • Weird odd and end scenery like ammo dumps, fuel dumps, tank traps and such now also have to be reviewed as well if they are practical in a game.
 What we see here is that Ruins, Area Terrain and Impassable are going to be the common staples. Mysterious Terrain, Artifacts, Dangerous Terrain and Weird Scenery are going to only crop up to a well prepared event and perhaps local tournaments. If I ran an event I would have cards or a worksheet for a table stating the trees are Mysterious or that the fuel dump is actually that and provide the rules for easy reference. Spelling out a table to me settles any vague or oversights by players when it comes to scenery. This also takes more prep time from a TO than the usual unless you setup a format.
 Fortifications is another sore spot in events, it appears most events are going to try it with limits such as Nova has said no Skyshields and Fortresses. Our local tournament has allowed everything but the Fortress at our next event. These count to the amount of scenery which also has to be factored in when it comes to scenery.
 A TO here have to think about Fortifications and how to deal with them in a game, the obvious choices are:
  • Not allow them, thus saving the time and headache.
  • Allow them within limits (as I gave some examples above) and preset the scenery explaining the players can only place the fortification in the empty spots in their deployment zone.
  • Place scenery on the table for the first game, and then allow players to random it for the next game by rolling to move each item using a scatter and 2d6.
  • Preset the amount of scenery on every table and allow the players to place the scenery along with their Fortifications.
 Another thing to consider is non-GW Fortifications. This came up at our local tournament for August in the planning and was discussed. The early choice was to allow GW only items. Well, these limits to what players could take to fit their list. If they had Orks and Tau they was crap out of luck as they would either have to “capture or loot” an Imperial Variant. Then, I and others brought up why could not a Tau player make a Bastion or an Ork player scratch build their own to fit their theme. This not only adds to the hobby aspect of the game and enriches the game in visual appeal. The key here is to set the scenery size limits to avoid anyone modeling to an advantage (i.e. a Skyshield the size of 1/6 of a table section) to take advantage of the perk.
 Warlord Traits is another topic flying around being discussed by events. Here are some ideas I have seen posted:
  • Not allow Warlord Traits
  • Nova allows you to pick two charts, roll on each and pick. Time consuming.
  • Our local tournament added a layer that after each game the Warlord survives he can roll again on the next mission for another trait on a different chart. Thus at the end of a 3 round tournament he could have one from all three if they never die. As they gain each Warlord trait their VP value goes up also.
 The first one just eliminates the tracking and possibility of a dishonest player from taking advantage of the system. The other system makes it easier but you have to roll each game before the start, thus eating into time. The last, eats into time slightly, could be open to abuse as well if the other player is not paying attention or the player lies to the TO or if the results paperwork verifies it somehow.
 So, if I organized a small event of say 5-10 tables, here is what I would consider doing:
  • Set the same amount of scenery per table. With d3 per 2x2 that works to a 9-18 range. So the median here is between 4-5 (4.5 to be exact) add that to a minimum of 1 per section should work out to 13-14 items per table. Now if there are large items, you would reduce this, smaller you could up this slightly for balance.
  • Allow players to place the scenery and their fortifications as normal. Terrain is on the table and already defined. Get a table edge; put your fortification down or scenery (if you have none), alternate until everything is out. Rule is something should be in every 2x2 area (at least 1 item) you may place scenery anywhere on the table.
  • Terrain will be defined by a sheet of scenery guidelines and I would plan to bring my own scenery to fill in the gaps as needed.
  • Allow Warlord traits, changes each game and you roll in front of your opponent. You get what you get.
  • Allow Fortifications, bottom line is this anything goes as long as you work it into the scenery deployment. If you spent $115 for a Fortress and paint it, you deserve to play with it, it eats into your points (that is almost the cost of a marine squad with a rhino after upgrades). 
What do you think about the future of tournaments small and large?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: The Primarchs (NO SPOILERS)

I have just finished reading the Primarchs the latest from the Black Library Horus Heresy line. Overall, the book was well done, added to the fluff and character of the book. As always, I strive to not put spoilers in my review but instead give you an overview that will help guide you if you are interested in picking up the book or not.

I will break this down by each story:

The Reflection Crack’d by Graham McNeill

This was a great story to lead off the book, a power house like Graham in the wings and continues from the Fulgrim book looking at how the legion is changing and Fulgrim’s hints to his early rise to demon hood. What I really liked is that it also brought Bile and Lucius into the story as well as portrayed the loyalty of the legion as a whole and the lengths they would do for their master.

Feat of Iron by Nick Kyme

Every book sometimes has that boring as hell story. One that should be told was well written but very slow and hard to stay interested in. This story focuses on Ferrus and the Iron Hands prior to the Istavan Massacre with one Eldar Farseer trying to change the course of events. Again, it is well written and has some interesting spots of fluff and history, but just lacked something to keep my interest in the story. I finished it as I always do as I never leave a book unfinished.

The Lion by Gav Thorpe

This story was a sharp surprise as it reveals a bit more about the Dark Angels and Lionel’s position during the rebellion. First, the story itself is well written, full of action and gives some interesting fluff as well as some excellent insight into the personality of the primarch.

The second thing is the dark secret they toss out on the table about the Dark Angels and who they really supported during the Heresy. Wow, this was a slap to the face and something I never even dreamed of. They also tease you a bit more about those little guys always seen with the Dark Angels wearing the robes…hrmmm…

The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders

This story gives more of a face to the Alpha Legion as the “clean up” a leak of a very dangerous project they was developing. What are interesting are how the story ends and the twists along the way as the Alpha Legion is always full or surprises. Rob Sanders always produces a great story, filled with action and plenty of insight into the legion. Ugh! I want to paint up an Alpha Legion army now! 

A cool pic I found....states that is is a group shot from the Ullanor Crusade. What is interesting is that the book I just finished uses part of the image, wonder if they will use the rest of the picture for other short stories about the primarchs?

Paper training the Space Wolves (revamping the army for 6th)

Well, I took some time last night after having about a week now and 1 game under my belt to absorb the changes and see how they apply to all of my armies. I wanted to get the Wolves up to par a bit more before Chaos rolls in and seduce me back to my first army and my favorite among the choices in Warhammer 40k.

Part 1: Giving the Axes the chop….

One of the first things I wanted to focus on what getting rid of all of my flipping axes…luck has it I had only a few axes, one on a Lord that I converted, a Wolf Guard and 1 Grey Hunter with an axe (power weapon back in 5th). After just a few months ago of painting, I am ripping them apart to make way for new options.

For the Grey Hunter I am going to give him the Lord’s arm that had the base of a thunder hammer haft that I did a head swap, popping off the axe top and I plan to use a Dark Angel mace (maul) to swap around. While it is AP4, the STR 6 makes up everything nicely to cause wounds forcing saves and busting up vehicles. I may look to magnet this if I hate the results.

The Lord (or Pack Leader) is going to get a standard Frost Blade, sadly for some reason about 95% of power swords are lefties. Again, a swap around should fix the issue.

The Wolf Guard is going to find that he is going to pack two plasma pistols now to allow me a chance to play around with Gunslinger. One of my early thoughts was to add a plasma gun or two; the Gunslinger fits nicely to this theme. I may magnet both arms if my luck runs bad with plasma.

I also plan to make another Wolf Guard with a Combi Plasma; I am fighting the urge to give him a power fist.

One of my Rune Priests is going to get a simple hand swap from a force axe to a force sword using the plastic swords from the SW kit. *sigh* I hate to do this but Unwieldy just f’s you…it should have been -1 I not strike last; I would have taken that exchange with a STR bonus then.

Part 2: Thunderwolves HO!

I also looked over my Thunderwolves and tried to figure out how to revise them to be optimal as well, they are about half painted and the riders would need some magnets to allow some arm swaps. I want to keep the unit economical so I am looking at a simple power fist, perhaps a storm shield or two.

It is hard not to admit that plasma pistols are looking slightly appealing as well with the +1 AP, this would allow a Thunderwolf rider to pop a vehicle and charge the squad inside. Temperance and Temptation are what you have to balance in a unit to make it cost effective, in my theory of the “Economics of Warhammer” the cost to value of the unit is very important in the long haul to see if a unit is making their value or not in a game.

I am also looking to put a character in the unit as well to bolster up the Thunderwolves. I figure the same standard configuration of a Frost Blade is idea, granted a nice Power Lance could be a cool option to toy around with.

Another idea is to toy with is how valid an Iron Priest would be mounted on a Thunder Wolf with perhaps a plasma pistol or some other option, with some Cyberwolves and clever use of cover I may be able to get him into a spot to not only help repair vehicles but break them s well. The other wolves would be chaff and rely heavy on cover saves. Still having the option of a thunder hammer, two plasma pistols and a flamer on a quick mount is nothing to sneeze at.

Part 3: Dealing with the Loners….

Lone Wolves has always been one topic that I have wanted to use but never got around to it, some online reading has indicated multiples can be a huge pain in the arse against opponents. Throw in a Chain Fist and Storm Shield with Terminator armor then run to the enemy daring people to shoot at you, if they don’t crush their tanks, engage the enemy and challenge their characters! Sure FNP was nerfed slightly and you could give away a few rerolls in the challenge against a larger block of troops, but those odds are ok. With the Wolf Scouts taking a kick to the nuts I am now forced to evaluate the rest of the Elites for worthwhile options.

Part 4: Rearming the Dreadnoughts

Twin linked Autocannons, so time to place an order with Forge World for at least a set for now for my only one. May need more if I add more Dreadnoughts later.

Part 5: Wolf Scouts may need to be put to sleep…

Sad to say, I had fun painting up my units now to find they are VERY disappointing with the rules changes with being unable to shoot when they arrive from reserves. So, you arrive, try to blow something up and hope you don’t get showered with shots to do something next turn. *facepalm* I may still experiment with MSU with meltas but still costly compared to other things.

My friend is trying out sniper rifles with BS 4 and the changes to snipers may merit some benefit at sniping off some models early in the game. I look at the idea but then look at the ally’s option and smile at Ratlings when it comes to sniper rifles.

Part 6: Iron Priests

Well, I wanted to add some, but they are just not worthwhile, now with some of the changes to wound allocation, the provision of Fortifications and such, perhaps boosting up the Long Fangs with some Plasma Servitors under the supervision of an Iron Priest, sprinkle in some cannon fodder Servitors and Wolves to the front to soak up the excess wounds and let the Priest man the cannon. If things get bad, have him pull a plasma pistol and go gunslinger (with his servo harness) or tap a flamer along with a flamer. I plan to explore this at a later time once I have the opportunity.

Part 7: I need more Rune Priests

At least 2 more, perhaps more…with the double FOC you could in theory run 8! Wow! Personally, I think 4-6 will be the best.

Part 8: Allies!

I have been thinking of what would be best to pair with Space Wolves….so here are my thoughts:

1)      IG the obvious choice. A command squad in a Chimera  (or Vendetta) with melta guns or plasma guns seem ideal. An Astropath (not using reserves due to no scouts) is no longer of use to Space Wolves, perhaps a Master of the Fleet or Bodyguards? Sprinkle in some Ratlings, Veterans or a Platoon to grab objectives. Autocannons, meltas, flamers and plasma are the weapons of choice with a Chimera. Vendettas are the fast attack of choice (and have to buy more), sprinkle in some Leman Russes to add to the Long Fangs (or possible Vindicators).
2)      Blood Angels, I have some Dark Angels in a box that are unfinished including some jump troops, a pair of units with melta guns and a Librarian with a jump pack could be a nice add on with some sanguinary priests to bolster up the FNP and Furious charge as Battle Brothers. Not real sure about heavy, but fast offers up the flamer Baal as a nice option.
3)      Space Marines could round out a few things in the Space Wolves but I am unsure if it is a good investment, perhaps a Librarian leading a squad or two of Marines, with combat squad rules I could have two Rhinos with split squads inside ready to wreck havoc. Add some melta bikes or speeders for a fast option, then Sternguard as an Elite. I could consider a tech marine like the Iron Priest simply to bloster cover for a Long Fang unit. Heavy wise, wow a hard call there, I was thinking the Thunderfire cannon.
4)      Belial, 2-3 Units of Terminators with Thunder hammers and Storm Shields with a Cyclone (one taken as an Elite), possible Ravenwing as elite. Ignore the rest.
5)      Grey Knights: Take an Inquisitor, Vindicare or Techmarine with good load out of grenades with two Inquisitorial Squads in Chimeras or Razorback with psybolt ammo…not sure if there is anything else worthwhile from Fast and Heavy to use.

So, tell me how your Wolves are changing over in 6th! 

Guest Editorial: Anglacon from Fantasy Battles Forums

Anglacon over at Fantasy Battles Forums ( is a long time player of the Dark Eldar as far back as 4th Edition when I first met him locally in Florida. He has had excellent success during tournaments with his Dark Eldar and has been a huge fan of these fetish, kinky pale elves of the future. He had some interesting words of wisdom posted up on his Forum that I asked to bring here to share.

While many players scream doom and gloom, I know this as a true fact as I have spoken with one player locally back and forth here on Army of the Week and disappointed by what he had already collected and was ready to sell off his Space Wolves and Dark Eldar in favor of a Chaos Army if possible. I explained that they lost a few things, gained a few things and how they work will change slightly. 6th is much like how 4th was, weaker transports and mid range firefights are going to dominate the game plain and simple.

Here is what Anglacon had to say:

After reading all the Doom and Gloom on dark Eldar all over the internet, and how they are useless, toast, and pretty much garbage now, I have to disagree. In many, many ways the Dark kin have become more deadly.

As Dark Eldar, our biggest strength was that we were Fast, but a glass hammer. In other words, we got there fast, and hit hard, but when we were hit back, we died. Sadly, 6th edition gave our biggest strength, the speed our army had, to every other army out there.

6TH DID however, make our weakness even worse. Our vulnerability to small arms fire was magnified this edition with the advent of Overwatch and Snap Fire. Our Webway portals were nerfed into uselessness. Our flyers pale in comparison to the cookie cutter Guard and Marine versions, and going first just became SOOO important to the survival of our units.

But, What GW taketh away, gw giveth in other ways.
Dark Eldar are pretty much the only army in the game that ignores night fight. Its not that we are good at it, we just ignore it! Our nemesis, the ol dreadnaught is a joke to our wyches with haywires, as we hit them on 4's, and take hull points off of them on 2's! Guard parking lots, monoliths, Landraiders, all of them are free points to our armies. Units that never before were worth a damn can now be taken... hellions, jetbikes and mandrakes (yes, you read that right, MANDRAKES) can now be useful and scary.

So... on to the Dark Eldar units, the "Webs" perception, and the truth!

Asdrubael vect-
Web- thinks the guy is useless now that his scepter is only ap3.

Reality- Asdrubael did take a hit in the ol ap department, but he became SOO much more powerful in every other way! how you ask? well...
Preferred enemy now affects the entire unit in both hth and shooting. You reroll all 1's in combat. period. Fearless also confers to the unit, so throw him with bloodbrides, they are fearless, reroll all 1's to hit and wound in shooting and HTH, can take out any vehicle or walker with haywires, have a crap ton of attacks, and he still steals initiative on a 4+. With the new JINK rules, moving vehicles before they are shot is MANDATORY. against all marines, this guy is still a killer... just avoid terminators and you are fine! He went from overpriced to fairly priced, and after 6th is played a bit, expect almost all DE players to use him.

Lady malys-
Web- thinks she sucks ass.

Reality- She sucks ass. The only small benefits is that she and her unit ignore all psychic powers, and there are a lot more of them out there now, and she MAY (I say may) be able to cheese the reserve rule by placing D3 units into reserve that normally would not be able to due to 1/2 the army restriction. But, all in all, not worth it.

Baron Sathonyx
Web- better with the hammer of wrath rule (impact hits basically)

Reality- Better all around. His +1 to go first is huge if you have a lot of vehicles, (see vect for more info) and he comes with a grenade launcher, which grants both assault and defensive grenades. When being shot on overwatch, it gives the unit stealth (+1 cover saves). Pssst... don’t tell anyone, but he gave the unit stealth anyway! For his points, the fact he allows rerolls for both Initiative tests and distance for hit and run is huge.. and you want to hit and run to keep getting those impact hits. be careful of overwatch though!

Lelith Hesperax
Web- Who? Oh, not too bad now that she has one of the three dark eldar character HTH weapons that are ap2.

reality- Sorry, but still not great. Yes, she has a buttload of attacks, yes, she can take out terminators, but in reality, she is str 3, and only has a 3++, so those termies she charged will smack her in the face with a hammer and insta gib her. She is GREAT in running down units and in challenges though! Overall- leave her on the shelf.

Web- HAHAHAHAHA what a loser!

Reality- Hmmm... now wait just 1 second. In certain instances, he is not bad. if you infiltrate a 10 man unit of mandrakes, you can deploy this guy 1" away from them, joining him to the unit, giving them a pain token (feel no pain) opening their shooting and making them a decent unit!
However, you cannot charge anything until turn 3 at best if you do this! but 22 str 4 pinning shots are pretty great! Unless you have a plan around him, though he is better, he is still not worth the points or effort.

Duke Sliscus
Web- Slightly buffed, not bad

reality- Agreed. He has a blast pistol, and the only named character that has combat drugs! Though short on wounds, his 2++ is great, and rerolling the drug chart is the real reason to take this guy... He should be taken in wych cults only, because any other way is a waste of some sort. His deep striking MAY, and I say MAY come in handy depending on your opponent, his army, and field saturation.

Web- OMG!! the best ever! holy crap!

reality- meh. He did get better, and can take out termies easily. With his eternal warrior rule, he will ALWAYS be able to take his FNP roll, if he has a pain token. No doubt, he has a lot of great abilities and can dance around the combat, and is scary bad in challenges, but man, is he expensive! Overall, better but not THAT much better!

Urien Rakath
Web: His ichor gauntlet is great!

Reality: um, no it isn’t. His biggest buff is the fact that his clone field makes him a beast in challenges, but he won’t ever get through 2+ saves. His best benefits were the distribution of pain tokens to wracks and grots, but since webways died a horrible horrible death, shelve him.

Web: Nerfed beyond use!

Reality: well, I hate to agree with the masses, but there are better HQ's for less, and the Arcons just don’t cut it any more.

Court of the Arcon-
Web: haven’t heard much from the web on them

reality: Besides the majority toughness boost, they are useless.

Web: Too Weak

reality: A decent HQ choice. You can equip her with haywire grenades.. in fact let me say this now, NEVER take any wych without a haywire, EVER! Anyway, toss her a blaster and venom blade or agoniser, and you have a cheap, decent close combat character.

Web: Good for pain token shenanigans only.

reality: Not really. yes, the token shuffle is great, but the sniper rifle they can take is awesome. A roll of 6 to hit means YOU pick the target (bye bye melta gun!) and it causes instant death. How awesome is that?

Web: nerfed to death with their weapons being ap3

reality: yeah, that hurt bad, and they are a bit overpriced now, but the Klaivex is a mandatory investment, as is the demiklave. Don’t be fooled into thinking this unit is garbage, it is not AS good as of old, but it is a far cry from sucking!

Grots and wracks:
Web: Dead and useless

reality: Again, the toughness game in HTH and shooting means any succubus with them is toughness 5! Not too shabby! But it is a huge point cost death star unit that will be shot off the field before it is able to do anything. Damn webway nerf!

Web: useless

reality: overpriced and useless unless you use the scenario listed above under Kheradruakh

web: Better all around! rending rocks and they are very hard to kill by shooting with the new rules.

reality: agreed, but frail, fragile and overpriced.

Trueborn/ warriors:
web: better due to the rapid fire rules.

Reality: agreed.

Bloodbrides/ Wyches
Web: useless and dead due to overwatch.

reality: Now the strongest unit in the Dark Eldar army, if used right!
People whining about overwatch need to use their heads! Say units of 9 wyches lead by homunculi are about to assault out of a raider on a unit of 10 marines.
first, the harem disembarks alone and moves 6" right at the enemy leaving the token with the wyches. Then, the wyches disembark and advance at the marines, staying more than 2" from the harem. Come charge time, you charge the harem FIRST. now the marines need to overwatch HIM, or he will get into BTB denying them the ability to overwatch the wyches! Even if they kill the harem, they can’t overwatch twice in the same turn! So, you’re FNP wyches charge in, and eat the marines for breakfast, or the dreadnaught, or whatever it is you throw them at.

web: better due to hammer of wrath. Also, you can drag an IC out of combat now!

reality: agreed, and hit and run is still huge. Avoid the stunclaw trap, as an agoniser is still vastly superior over dragging an IC out of combat!

Web: awesome with haywire blasters now!

reality: Still way overpriced for what you get. Who cares about impact hits when you never want them in combat! a unit with 4 haywire blasters costs 260 points! for 4 measly shots to hurt vehicles! for 260 you can get:
10 wyches with 2 hydra gauntlets, a raider with ether sails, a hekatrix with an agonizer, 10 haywire grenades and have 25 points left over! the wyches are more mobile, deadlier, better in hth, the raider has a dark lance, they are better in every way! don’t waste the points!

web: better due to ignoring terrain and cover!

reality: better due to ignoring terrain and cover, worse due to the new wound allocation rules, Mandatory to mix the units now though.. you need khymerae and razorwings!

web: sooo much better, lightning fast!

this is the unit that improved the most! they are sooo much faster, tougher, and with the jink save combined with skilled rider, whenever you bladevane anyone, you have a 3+ cover. when you shoot someone, you have a 4+. You can always move in the assault phase.. they are the fastest thing in the game! They have the hammer of wrath rule, and can upgrade with a champ and power weapon or power spear (my choice). I would take in units of 7-10, and keep them in reserves. there is no reason not to unless you KNOW you are going first, because these guys can reach out and touch anyone on the board!

web: worse due to hull point’s

reality: better due to hull points. I don’t know about you, but my raiders died to glancing hits ALL OF THE TIME! no more! Vehicles die easier this edition, but ours ALWAYS died this easy! In a way, we got buffed!

web: useless without portals, and portals are garbage now.

reality: sadly, they are right.

Web: Forget them and take flyers!

reality: take at LEAST 2, and arm them with triple disintegrators! What was that about not being able to take out terminators?

web: the only anti air we have, gotta take em

reality: I haven’t used them enough to make an informed decision, but I am running 2 triple dissie ravagers and 1 void raven for now.

So, as you can see, a lot of changes. Some good, some bad, but it is not the doom and gloom some people are crying about. I will post a 6th edition list in a bit to give you guys a sample.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Some great 40k Animated Humor!

Saw this on Bell of Lost Souls...some really funny stuff here....checking on some of the other stuff these guys do. Really good work....

Ron Perlman rocks! We need more people like him in the world!

Ron Perlman Hellboy Make-a-Wish - H 2012

While this has nothing to do with the hobby, it is a cool story that warms the soul...or burns it....

I have to admit for a 6 year old, this is one kick ass kid to like Hellboy! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

New scenery on the way from GW?

Spotted this today, GW posted images talking about scenery and the last picture caught my eye while they was discussing Archeotech Artifacts. It reminds me of the City of Death resin set but it is not from that package (that I may add is out of print and no longer on the GW site). I want to check my stuff tonight but I think this is something new they are about to put out in the next few months. I will post a follow up later!

BTW GW it is Artifacts not Artefacts! I suck as spelling and caught this error. 

Making crap into diarrhea, the folly of GW’s 6th Rules and changes.

Well, the title sums it up for me, 6th has a mix of long overdue and great changes with just stupid crap that seems to keep sliding towards diarrhea as the days pass on. Here is why:

1)      The latest rumors of Forge World being allowed into standard and tournaments. I love Forge World, great models but they don’t belong in tournaments. Ok, so they are for sale in GW stores now (the books that is) and you can order them online, this is counter productive to little 12 year old Timmy that plays that GW has been trying to cater towards for years. Recruit the younger (disposable income) players. Some people argue it is just a few bucks more for Forge World to GW’s plastics (which are better in many respects for conversions and durability) so why pay for crap?  That few dollars here and there adds up. The rules are not balanced either, there is some seriously f’d up items in the books that just lumps on top of the two Force Org Charts and Allies options….people are trying to argue because of this...Forge World would be of little impact, except cause even more headaches!

2)      Power (weapons): First making an axe straight last like a power fist? Maybe a -1 to I would be ideal but not strike last, may as well spend 5 more points on average for a fist. Plus Stelek pointed this out that due to GW’s piss poor wording you can have people slipping mauls, lances and such into their marine lists. *sigh* Somehow this was not the intent but that is where it is going! Check out Stelek’s site talking about Power Weapons, he has a point but it is stupid as hell to pull this crap:

3)      Being unable to assult from reserves or deploying from a stationary vehicle unless it has an assult ramp. Guess Wolf Scouts and Snikrot’s Commandos can just go sit on a shelf.

4)      Two Force Org Charts, while allies are ok the second FOC really throws a wrench into things. This just opens up lists to some really silly builds that are just stupid beyond all words. You can’t think of any wacked lists? Check out Stelek’s site on a few he came up with:

5)      Execute the worst rollout for any edition from 40k and Fantasy, shipping issues, shorted copies of the book and other product, some product not shipped at all, this is the story all over the internet.

6)      The lack of “other races” Fortifications, if you are going to roll out a concept, have the product ready. Sure people can convert stuff, but let’s face it time is important to some and many lack the skill, give them an option! This just shows that GW has their favorites in the game by the application of products.

Darkside Team Tournament: June

Well, things have been getting a tad crazy over the past few weeks with my birthday, a trip to St. Augustine mixed in with the 6th Edition roll out chaos with the last week of the fiscal year at work that has kept me from posting as much as I would like. While I no longer have the lists from the event and details of the games are fuzzy now (after all these weeks), I am just going to present a series of pictures and and overview of the event.

As this was the last team event for 5th edition the turnout was very high as I invited another friend that brought over a few other guys from his area to play. Mixed with the local regulars, a few out of town regulars and a few new faces we had perhaps one of the best turnouts.

Chris and I brought "Blood Wolf" Team this time, this was a mix of Blood Angels and Space Wolves. The list was straight forward with two units of Wolf Scouts, Rune Priests, Grey Hunter Squads (I think 3) in Rhinos with melta guns and power weapons, Wolf Guard (mixed in the Grey Hunter and Scout Squads), one Long Fang squad was there if I recall correctly sprinkle in some Ferensian Wolves for fun. Chris has several jump troops with melta guns and inferno pistols, a Librarian with Blood Lance (and some other power), two Baal Predators rounded out his list.

Our first round was Tau and Grey Knights, an interesting mix of Rail Guns, Crisis Suits, a  unit of Fire Warriors and Kroot. The Grey Knights was very small with two units of Terminators, two Storm Ravens, Librarian and Dreadnought (or two).

The game was lost simply by some bad choices on our part, we had the upper hand by the end of the game but it was simply not enough to take the win. This was a great first round that was a is some shots...

Our opponents...

The table...

Our Deployment...

Their deployment...

Baal sneaks in...*dakadaka*

Our second game was double IG, lots of troops, Chimeras, tanks, heavy weapons...oh my! Chris and I went for the theory of reserves. He opted to drop this time as the table was more friendly to deep strike than the one prior. Otherwise his army would be turned to goo in a moment along with mine. I held back some troops and planned for the worst entrenching my Long Fangs in a tower and hiding mos to of my rhinos except one for reserves. We took a solid win from this table after a rough loss to start...

Commanders of the IG

First turn, Rhino goes all out into the lines and the other hides  as the squad inside bails out to allow the Rune Priest to line up a shot with living lighting.

DOA from the Blood Angels, dead on...

Hey! A tank! Nuke it!

Blood Angels wipe out conscripts...

Blood Angels amok in IG lines..

Space Wolves move to support...

Our last game was against IG and Sister's of Battle, wow this was a crazy game and again a great set of this point we was happy with who we played and how we did...we took a stunning victory here as everything just went our way with the dice.

SOB player on the left (not SOB, but SOB) and IG on the right!

Early on, Rhino down, Wolves Advancing...

Later in the game Valk down, Wolves advancing to support the Blood Angels that deep struck.

Rune Priest is unaware Saint Celestine has arisen from the dead!

Epic fight with the Rune Priest dead!

3 great games, 3 great players and a decent mix of non-marine lists oddly. We had a blast and was a nice leader to our birthday week starting in a few days. We are looking forward to September next with 6th edition in the wings.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who Let the Dogs Out? Space Wolves vs. 6th Edition!

Well, it has been a few days now since I got my copy of 6th thanks to the logical cluster by GW but I have been on my toes and reading as well as learning as I go everything I could about the new edition. The Space Wolves blogged some of this overview also, but at some points I disagreed with their comments, granted they did publish first as I was still working on my post. I hope to have an allies concepts developed soon to go up with this...

So, let’s talk about one of my favorites on the table of late the Space Wolves and how things have changed from 5th to 6th Edition.

Starting with the Army Wide Rules:

Counter-Attack: Pretty much the same with a slight twist, it states now that “a” model with Counter-Attack allows a roll, now the +1 bonus on a passed LD test is valid just for the models with Counter-Attack, but is no longer weighed down by those in the unit that may lack the ability (this is pointed towards allies when you mix Space Wolves in).

Acute Senses: Now you reroll when you outflank. So, this ability is junk for most of the army short of the scouts and the Saga of the Hunter (more on both of these later).

‘And They Shall Know No Fear’ has a few interesting twists now. If one model in the unit has it, then the entire unit has the ability. This is huge when Space Wolves ally with Sister’s of Battle or Imperial Guard. It still allows you to rally below 25%, take a 3” move, then a normal move and then you can still assault. So, your basic trooper could in theory move 3+6+2d6 getting anywhere between 11” and 21” threat range on a rally. That 3” rally is nice. If caught in a sweeping advance, you remain locked in combat.

Next up Sagas:

Saga of the Wolfkin: unless you want the Imitative 5, it is easier to just add an IC with a Thunderwolf to the unit to benefit the ATSKNF based on that character’s leadership.

Saga of the Majesty: Struggles now with the Warlord perks as you could end up with a “double down and waste points” Personally if you want a Leadership bubble go for the Warlord Traits.

Saga of the Hunter:  This one got interesting as it grants “outflank” and “stealth”. The second never changed but the first now states this: during deployment, if one model in the unit has this ability you may declare the unit is outflanking. This is a huge change, now the character can confer the ability to the unit. Flanking Grey Hunters, Wolf Guard and other interesting combos opens up now. Bear in mind when you flank, you cannot assault the turn you arrive, so shooting only. Still…a gunslinger Wolf Guard Battle leader with two pistols could slip in and crack off two plasma shots at once…

Saga of the Warrior Born gets boned if you get hit with a challenge as at best you can only kill one model.

Saga of the Iron Wolf: The huge thing here is the adding d3 to the movement (say a Land Raider) that has the “assault” rule that rolls up that extra distance, Thus a Land Raider could plow forward 12”+d3+6” move from the ramp and roll 2d6 to assault! The only sad part is the unit the Iron Priest joins blows…

A look at Warlord Traits:

Command Traits are good if you have what I call a “rolling thunder army” that is an army that is highly offensive lead by a Lord or Battle Leader with several Grey Hunter elements in Rhinos and Thunderwolf units striking fast and hard into the lines. The key is keeping within the 12” bubble to get the most out of this trait is the hallmark you have to keep in mind.

Personal Traits: This is a huge perk for the go forward type list lead by a Lord or Battle Leader, You do have a 1 in 6 change of getting the counter attack option but that is the breaks you get if you want the other advantages and many of them are great such as Feel No Pain (near objectives), Character becomes a scoring unit (yea) among other good things!

Strategic Traits are best kept back for the more timid Space Wolf lists that use Rune Priests with 4 totals in a basic list fewer than 2k and 8 in games starting at 2k could be happen. Even so, this could be rough if you lack elements like a reserve unit (as several of them modify reserves).


Logan Grimnar got a little more worthwhile at 275 points. Now able to pass off USRs to the unit he is with Tank Hunters (reroll armor pen), Relentless (able to move and fire heavy stuff with no penalty), Preferred Enemy (reroll 1’s to hit and wound, this includes shooting) makes Logan a stud for any Long Fangs to be friends with. 5 Plasma Cannons with rerrolls (yes please!), walk and fire Lascannons (yes sir! And don’t forget AP2 is +1 on the roll) or add lovely lascannons to Tank Hunters to crack open a target. Throw in a Rune Priest with Divination or a Wolf Priest to get other rerolls and wow! Don’t forget the Wolf Guard with a Cyclone or just a general wound soaker to go to the front of the line.

Njal got access to any of the psychic abilities but has to pick what he wants to go. He knows all the Space Wolves but gets only gets 2 rolls otherwise from their other options in the psychic powers of the rules. The Tempest power is still based on who goes first so, it still isn’t all that. Still, IMO he is overpriced for what you get.

Blackmane lost his +1 Imitative on the charge, making people want to shy away even more.

Ulrik had no real special changes worth noting…

Canis got interesting in a few areas but still, nothing to write home about due to the high point cost.

Bjorn wow, bummer for him…able to be glanced to death, adds VPs and objective options that could penalize you. Pass!

Wolf Lord/Battle leader: This guy is going to have some combo of either pair of wolf claws and belt of Russ or Frost Blade or Power Claw with a Storm Shield now. Runic armor or Terminator armor is automatic now (depends on how you use him). The Battle Leader can access Saga of the Hunter to bolster his unit to outlflank if you want.

Rune Priests: Runic armor got more worthwhile now as it would bounce weapons that would normally kill him back in 5th. I would be shocked to see a Space Wolf list not have one Rune Priest with the powers from the core rules before dabbling into the book. Short of Divination the most are meh compared to the melody of options in the Codex.

Wolf Priest: At least now his Oath of War applies to shooting, he could join a unit and they could take advantage of the Saga of the Hunter to flank as well as benefit from cover bonuses.


Wolf Guard Pack: What was nice here is they were made “characters” now if they join other units via the “pack leader rule”. Sorry, no wound allocation tricks here boys and girls! What is interesting here is that the changes of AP to weapons could now make Terminators perhaps more viable in the game as they are less likely to get swissed by most power weapons.

Arjac: The most interesting thing if note is you have to accept a challenge, so if you die before you can swing your screwed and easy prey. Worth 170pts? I think not.

Dreadnought: Now that you can be glanced to death, best to setup shop in cover with a twin linked Autocannon. Maybe worth looking at venerable again eh?

Iron Priests can repair hull points now; still they are not that great. Still they have a few nice surprises such as a flamer than is defensive on a charge! D3 hits! I do see one argument pop up soon that will need to be FAQ’d…with pistols you can fire both pistols, so a IP has a bolt pistol, a plasma pistol (on the servo) and a flamer…I can see people try to argue to shoot all three, sadly the plasma shot is because of the servo but it is a hard call.

Wolf Scouts got the finger this time, now you cannot assault the turn you arrive. So, MSU scouts, blow up a vehicle and die like a wolf. My friend and I have been discussing and plan to test scouts in cover with sniper rifles. With BS4 and the new sniper rules this could be a new perk and outlet for the Wolf Scouts. Bear in mind you can even mix a unit with a melt gun to have the choice to outflank or infiltrate. If the situation sucks, don’t flank, setup shop in cover and earn your points another way.

Lone Wolf: They got a sweet deal now, as an character they can challenge and avoid having hits against them. Still, if you pick that fight with the Ork Nob as 29 other boyz look on you may have to face a ton of rerolls….granted if you are lucky enough you could tie up a unit a turn longer than before…challenge the first round, avoid the hits, then sit back in Terminator armor with a storm shield and chainfist and wait it out. Despite FNP going to a 5+ he can still make a save against anything as he can’t be instant killed.


Grey Hunters: Still as reliable as ever…I suspect you will see more  plasma guns appear than flamer sin units. The banner also has more value when to dangerous/difficult terrain tests among the usual to hit, armor saves and to injure rolls. I can also see lots of MSU groups with Razorbacks with Las/Plas (as both can shoot now easier).

Blood Claws: Still not that useful but they could be effective with some right combos and a Land Raider or cover layering (by this I mean having stealth, psychic powers and using good cover)….plus Lukas can now challenge and try to get killed. Makes his high point cost not so bad now. Challenge a unit, kill the champion as a nasty character hides from him, then next turn challenge again, you either kill him or you could bubble him up with your last laugh rule…

Thunderwolf Calvary: The big change is the urge now to take plasma pistols in the unit to pop tanks with the +1 AP bonuses….worth the risk to overheat if you pop a transport and chomp down the goodies inside. Frost Blades or Powerfists for your single trade out later in the options. Same you could not gunslinger with these guys that would be funny!

Swiftclaws got a bit more useful, the 5+ jink and the 4+ cover save flat out is good, not as great as a 3+ but the jink balances it out. Still the BS 3 needs to be twin linked somehow to be useful, add a Wolf Priest on Bike with that Wolf Guard or keep a Divination Psyker on hand near them! Don’t forget your I10 on a single attack also before any swings are done due to Hammer of Wrath.

Skyclaws: Same boat but not as good as the Swiftclaws without the jink but still has the Hamemr of Wrath rules.

Speeders got a bit more useful with the jink option and now squadrons are reasonable again to consider using.

Fenrisian Wolf Packs: Add that TWC IC to the unit to ensure they benefit from the ATSKNF….

Long Fangs have not really changed that much except that Lascannons may be more worthwhile to take. Make sure to put the pack leader and a standard Wolf Guard if you need a few bodies to take up the first early hits.

Predators: No major changes, a cheap gun tank but not as good as a Long Fang Unit.

Whirlwind: No major changes.

Vindicator: With cover saves reduced a trio of these guys could be bad news, but at the expense of your Long Fangs at less than 2k point games.

Land Raiders (all types): Got a bit more popular, tougher and able to assault out of it as well as able to dump huge amounts of firepower. Only downside is high cost and eats into your Long Fangs (granted you can take them with Wolf Guard and have someone else steal their ride).

Drop Pods: Able to snap fire when they land…so you need 6’s but hey who cares! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

6th Starter Set Revealed

Well, word is leaking out about the contents of the starter set...

This was on Warseer...

The Forces of Chaos: 

Chaos Lord: Power sword, plasma pistol, krak and frag grenades

Dreadnought (Hellbeast? Is that the new name?): says twin-barrelled melta gun and power fist - but judging by the stats I think this is a multimelta.

Chosen of the Gods: 
Sergeant: power maul, bolt pistol, bolter. 
One has a lightning claw, one has a power axe, bolt pistol and bolter, another has power fist, bolt pistol and bolter, two are armed with "cc weapons", bolter and bolt pistols. The squad has frag and krak grenades.

Cultist Squad 1: (IG stats with a 6+ save)
Cultist leader: two cc weapons
Cultists: 1 flamer, 8 cc weapons and autopistols

Cultist Squad 2:
Cultist leader : CC weapon and a gun I don't know the name of: assault 2, 12" range, S4, no AP (shotgun?)
Cultists: 1 heavy stubber, 8 with autoguns.

The Dark Angels: 

Captain Balthasar: w/ Power Armour, Power sword, Combi-Plasma, Frag & Krak grenades

Librarian Termiel(?): w/ Power Armour, Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Frag & Krak grenades

Deathwing Squad Balachar(?): Sergeant w/ Storm Bolter & Power Sword, 1 w/ Assault Cannon & Power Fist, 1 w/ Storm Bolter & Chainfist and 2 w/ Storm Bolter & Power Fist

Tactical Squad Raphael: Sergeant w/ Plasma Pistol & Chainsword and 9 Marines, 1 w/ Plasma Cannon, 1 w/ Plasma Gun, 7 w/ Bolters. All with Bolt Pistol and Frag & Krak grenades

Ravenwing Squad Allian(?): Sergeant w/ Chainsword, 1 w/ Plasma Gun and 1 w/ Bolt Pistol. All with twin-linked bolters and Frag & Krak grenades