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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Paper training the Space Wolves (revamping the army for 6th)

Well, I took some time last night after having about a week now and 1 game under my belt to absorb the changes and see how they apply to all of my armies. I wanted to get the Wolves up to par a bit more before Chaos rolls in and seduce me back to my first army and my favorite among the choices in Warhammer 40k.

Part 1: Giving the Axes the chop….

One of the first things I wanted to focus on what getting rid of all of my flipping axes…luck has it I had only a few axes, one on a Lord that I converted, a Wolf Guard and 1 Grey Hunter with an axe (power weapon back in 5th). After just a few months ago of painting, I am ripping them apart to make way for new options.

For the Grey Hunter I am going to give him the Lord’s arm that had the base of a thunder hammer haft that I did a head swap, popping off the axe top and I plan to use a Dark Angel mace (maul) to swap around. While it is AP4, the STR 6 makes up everything nicely to cause wounds forcing saves and busting up vehicles. I may look to magnet this if I hate the results.

The Lord (or Pack Leader) is going to get a standard Frost Blade, sadly for some reason about 95% of power swords are lefties. Again, a swap around should fix the issue.

The Wolf Guard is going to find that he is going to pack two plasma pistols now to allow me a chance to play around with Gunslinger. One of my early thoughts was to add a plasma gun or two; the Gunslinger fits nicely to this theme. I may magnet both arms if my luck runs bad with plasma.

I also plan to make another Wolf Guard with a Combi Plasma; I am fighting the urge to give him a power fist.

One of my Rune Priests is going to get a simple hand swap from a force axe to a force sword using the plastic swords from the SW kit. *sigh* I hate to do this but Unwieldy just f’s you…it should have been -1 I not strike last; I would have taken that exchange with a STR bonus then.

Part 2: Thunderwolves HO!

I also looked over my Thunderwolves and tried to figure out how to revise them to be optimal as well, they are about half painted and the riders would need some magnets to allow some arm swaps. I want to keep the unit economical so I am looking at a simple power fist, perhaps a storm shield or two.

It is hard not to admit that plasma pistols are looking slightly appealing as well with the +1 AP, this would allow a Thunderwolf rider to pop a vehicle and charge the squad inside. Temperance and Temptation are what you have to balance in a unit to make it cost effective, in my theory of the “Economics of Warhammer” the cost to value of the unit is very important in the long haul to see if a unit is making their value or not in a game.

I am also looking to put a character in the unit as well to bolster up the Thunderwolves. I figure the same standard configuration of a Frost Blade is idea, granted a nice Power Lance could be a cool option to toy around with.

Another idea is to toy with is how valid an Iron Priest would be mounted on a Thunder Wolf with perhaps a plasma pistol or some other option, with some Cyberwolves and clever use of cover I may be able to get him into a spot to not only help repair vehicles but break them s well. The other wolves would be chaff and rely heavy on cover saves. Still having the option of a thunder hammer, two plasma pistols and a flamer on a quick mount is nothing to sneeze at.

Part 3: Dealing with the Loners….

Lone Wolves has always been one topic that I have wanted to use but never got around to it, some online reading has indicated multiples can be a huge pain in the arse against opponents. Throw in a Chain Fist and Storm Shield with Terminator armor then run to the enemy daring people to shoot at you, if they don’t crush their tanks, engage the enemy and challenge their characters! Sure FNP was nerfed slightly and you could give away a few rerolls in the challenge against a larger block of troops, but those odds are ok. With the Wolf Scouts taking a kick to the nuts I am now forced to evaluate the rest of the Elites for worthwhile options.

Part 4: Rearming the Dreadnoughts

Twin linked Autocannons, so time to place an order with Forge World for at least a set for now for my only one. May need more if I add more Dreadnoughts later.

Part 5: Wolf Scouts may need to be put to sleep…

Sad to say, I had fun painting up my units now to find they are VERY disappointing with the rules changes with being unable to shoot when they arrive from reserves. So, you arrive, try to blow something up and hope you don’t get showered with shots to do something next turn. *facepalm* I may still experiment with MSU with meltas but still costly compared to other things.

My friend is trying out sniper rifles with BS 4 and the changes to snipers may merit some benefit at sniping off some models early in the game. I look at the idea but then look at the ally’s option and smile at Ratlings when it comes to sniper rifles.

Part 6: Iron Priests

Well, I wanted to add some, but they are just not worthwhile, now with some of the changes to wound allocation, the provision of Fortifications and such, perhaps boosting up the Long Fangs with some Plasma Servitors under the supervision of an Iron Priest, sprinkle in some cannon fodder Servitors and Wolves to the front to soak up the excess wounds and let the Priest man the cannon. If things get bad, have him pull a plasma pistol and go gunslinger (with his servo harness) or tap a flamer along with a flamer. I plan to explore this at a later time once I have the opportunity.

Part 7: I need more Rune Priests

At least 2 more, perhaps more…with the double FOC you could in theory run 8! Wow! Personally, I think 4-6 will be the best.

Part 8: Allies!

I have been thinking of what would be best to pair with Space Wolves….so here are my thoughts:

1)      IG the obvious choice. A command squad in a Chimera  (or Vendetta) with melta guns or plasma guns seem ideal. An Astropath (not using reserves due to no scouts) is no longer of use to Space Wolves, perhaps a Master of the Fleet or Bodyguards? Sprinkle in some Ratlings, Veterans or a Platoon to grab objectives. Autocannons, meltas, flamers and plasma are the weapons of choice with a Chimera. Vendettas are the fast attack of choice (and have to buy more), sprinkle in some Leman Russes to add to the Long Fangs (or possible Vindicators).
2)      Blood Angels, I have some Dark Angels in a box that are unfinished including some jump troops, a pair of units with melta guns and a Librarian with a jump pack could be a nice add on with some sanguinary priests to bolster up the FNP and Furious charge as Battle Brothers. Not real sure about heavy, but fast offers up the flamer Baal as a nice option.
3)      Space Marines could round out a few things in the Space Wolves but I am unsure if it is a good investment, perhaps a Librarian leading a squad or two of Marines, with combat squad rules I could have two Rhinos with split squads inside ready to wreck havoc. Add some melta bikes or speeders for a fast option, then Sternguard as an Elite. I could consider a tech marine like the Iron Priest simply to bloster cover for a Long Fang unit. Heavy wise, wow a hard call there, I was thinking the Thunderfire cannon.
4)      Belial, 2-3 Units of Terminators with Thunder hammers and Storm Shields with a Cyclone (one taken as an Elite), possible Ravenwing as elite. Ignore the rest.
5)      Grey Knights: Take an Inquisitor, Vindicare or Techmarine with good load out of grenades with two Inquisitorial Squads in Chimeras or Razorback with psybolt ammo…not sure if there is anything else worthwhile from Fast and Heavy to use.

So, tell me how your Wolves are changing over in 6th! 

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