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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Book Review: The Primarchs (NO SPOILERS)

I have just finished reading the Primarchs the latest from the Black Library Horus Heresy line. Overall, the book was well done, added to the fluff and character of the book. As always, I strive to not put spoilers in my review but instead give you an overview that will help guide you if you are interested in picking up the book or not.

I will break this down by each story:

The Reflection Crack’d by Graham McNeill

This was a great story to lead off the book, a power house like Graham in the wings and continues from the Fulgrim book looking at how the legion is changing and Fulgrim’s hints to his early rise to demon hood. What I really liked is that it also brought Bile and Lucius into the story as well as portrayed the loyalty of the legion as a whole and the lengths they would do for their master.

Feat of Iron by Nick Kyme

Every book sometimes has that boring as hell story. One that should be told was well written but very slow and hard to stay interested in. This story focuses on Ferrus and the Iron Hands prior to the Istavan Massacre with one Eldar Farseer trying to change the course of events. Again, it is well written and has some interesting spots of fluff and history, but just lacked something to keep my interest in the story. I finished it as I always do as I never leave a book unfinished.

The Lion by Gav Thorpe

This story was a sharp surprise as it reveals a bit more about the Dark Angels and Lionel’s position during the rebellion. First, the story itself is well written, full of action and gives some interesting fluff as well as some excellent insight into the personality of the primarch.

The second thing is the dark secret they toss out on the table about the Dark Angels and who they really supported during the Heresy. Wow, this was a slap to the face and something I never even dreamed of. They also tease you a bit more about those little guys always seen with the Dark Angels wearing the robes…hrmmm…

The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders

This story gives more of a face to the Alpha Legion as the “clean up” a leak of a very dangerous project they was developing. What are interesting are how the story ends and the twists along the way as the Alpha Legion is always full or surprises. Rob Sanders always produces a great story, filled with action and plenty of insight into the legion. Ugh! I want to paint up an Alpha Legion army now! 

A cool pic I found....states that is is a group shot from the Ullanor Crusade. What is interesting is that the book I just finished uses part of the image, wonder if they will use the rest of the picture for other short stories about the primarchs?

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