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Monday, July 9, 2012

Making crap into diarrhea, the folly of GW’s 6th Rules and changes.

Well, the title sums it up for me, 6th has a mix of long overdue and great changes with just stupid crap that seems to keep sliding towards diarrhea as the days pass on. Here is why:

1)      The latest rumors of Forge World being allowed into standard and tournaments. I love Forge World, great models but they don’t belong in tournaments. Ok, so they are for sale in GW stores now (the books that is) and you can order them online, this is counter productive to little 12 year old Timmy that plays that GW has been trying to cater towards for years. Recruit the younger (disposable income) players. Some people argue it is just a few bucks more for Forge World to GW’s plastics (which are better in many respects for conversions and durability) so why pay for crap?  That few dollars here and there adds up. The rules are not balanced either, there is some seriously f’d up items in the books that just lumps on top of the two Force Org Charts and Allies options….people are trying to argue because of this...Forge World would be of little impact, except cause even more headaches!

2)      Power (weapons): First making an axe straight last like a power fist? Maybe a -1 to I would be ideal but not strike last, may as well spend 5 more points on average for a fist. Plus Stelek pointed this out that due to GW’s piss poor wording you can have people slipping mauls, lances and such into their marine lists. *sigh* Somehow this was not the intent but that is where it is going! Check out Stelek’s site talking about Power Weapons, he has a point but it is stupid as hell to pull this crap:

3)      Being unable to assult from reserves or deploying from a stationary vehicle unless it has an assult ramp. Guess Wolf Scouts and Snikrot’s Commandos can just go sit on a shelf.

4)      Two Force Org Charts, while allies are ok the second FOC really throws a wrench into things. This just opens up lists to some really silly builds that are just stupid beyond all words. You can’t think of any wacked lists? Check out Stelek’s site on a few he came up with:

5)      Execute the worst rollout for any edition from 40k and Fantasy, shipping issues, shorted copies of the book and other product, some product not shipped at all, this is the story all over the internet.

6)      The lack of “other races” Fortifications, if you are going to roll out a concept, have the product ready. Sure people can convert stuff, but let’s face it time is important to some and many lack the skill, give them an option! This just shows that GW has their favorites in the game by the application of products.


  1. While I did get the book for my son, I just don't think I can keep up. Fortifications, Allies, and now FW. Too much $$$.

    I was planning on dumping my wolves on ebay, and taking up my Dark Eldar collecting dust, but they've just gotten a bit worse in this edition. Got like 5 Raiders, and ton of Wych/Warrior squads. Now I'm worried if I can even sell em' too.

    The price is just way too high to even consider starting a new Army.

    I am getting bored with Wolves. BTW, what's the deal with Logan's Axe? So do I understand RAW that it's basically an I1 +2 strength PW, or I1 PF?

    1. Well, Fortifications are not key to playing a game and counts to the scenery in a section. So you can do without them, scratch build or find cheap deals online. Discounters abound the net, ebay and Bartertown.

      Allies is just a way to mix something in, so to break up the DE or Space Wolves you could spice in a few new units that you pick up on the cheap.

      As someone pointed out FW is about $10-$20 more than the average GW item, but still, it is overpriced for what you get. I think most things in FW will not be critical to play, just an option if you want it. Plus it is a rumor, but seems to be catching on all over...which can give some cred to the rumor...

      The Dark Eldar don't suck, you just have to rethink how to play. With open topped you can charge as normal, so you have no worries. Focus on Venoms with double splinter cannons, dark lances (crack armor), splinter rifles to mow down targets, Multiple small units, less focus on assaulting. At Int5 you do well, just watch the AP on your weapons now. Void Ravens and Stalkers are great flyers....Dark Eldar are very top tier still.

      As for being bored, try some allies like IG low cost to freshen up the army. SW are one of the best in 6th rules wise....

      AS for the Axe it is a Frost Blade (not an axe)normal I with +1 STR and a Power Fist I1. Read the wording it says Blade, not axe. Despite the name states axe which is confusing.

  2. SW are freaking good in 6th. DE took a hit, only able to reserve half, no assaults from webway, Incubi PWs AP3, Raiders are more fragile, with change in Rapid Fire SM move six, and shoot 24' to glance my Raiders to death :-( All poison weapons without strength can't do jack against a vehicle. So while SM can glance me to death with bolters with first turn 30" away... My rifles don't do jack. It's just an uphill battle.

    Thing is just what you said, Venom's. I have 5 raiders, zero Venom's. Essentially, comes down to buying units that aren't really ideal. I don't mind losing, and playing fluffy, but you have to find like minded peeps, or you just get beatdown consistently. lol

    Beakycon, is running 1999 w/ Fortifications, allies.

    While SW are freaking great in 6th, I'm honestly just interested in a change :-) If I can sell my SW/DE and get enough to buy some Chaos/Cultists that would be great! I didn't start 40k till 5th.. but I've followed the game and wanted to play since the release of 3rd. I've ALWAYS wanted to do a "Lost and the Damned" Army.

    I have a Leman Russ that's just sitting in a box. With the release of the new box set, figure eBay will flood with the chaos figs for cheap.

    1. Reserve half and unable charge is the most brutal to DE. Still, AP3 isn't bad, that cuts most things short of terminator, the DE have enough high AP weapons to smear terminators in shooting. Don't forget the skimmers get "jink" now so they can also shrug off 1/3 of the shots. What you need to understand is what works in the DE army now: weight of fire (for example Venoms loaded with two splinter cannons), a decent mix of high AP weapons (blasters and dark lances) and Scourges with Haywire guns (which can jack a vehicle faster than anything by my numbers).

      Too bad you didn't say something earlier about Chaos, a guy at Anthem was unloading a huge Chaos army for $200, 3 rhinos, land raider, over 50+ plague marines and normal marines, demon princes and more....may want to check the forums, if the other guy does not buy it you may get a steal.

      May want to check Bartertown also, you may can swap your figures or sell them....if you want to get some good deals. I have had a few fair dealings on there with no complaints.

      I am really looking forward to Chaos, I had a Lost and Dammed to go with my Chaos army. Then they broke Chaos and Demons to two codex books then dropped the Lost and Dammed list from print. I converted my Leman Russes from Chaos to Orks....still have a Basalisk waiting in the wings, already pulled out my old metal cultists and beastmen (org. 40k metal beastmen).


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