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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Team Tournament (Darkside Comics)

Chris and I had a double header this month with team tournaments and we drove down to Darkside to try out luck at another team event. This time we brought double wolves with of course these matching kick ass wolf shirts I found at Wal-Mart that was cheap....

The list was nothing amazing to be honest...we had 6 solid units of Grey Hunters with a melta gun and power weapon with a Rhino, 2 Rune Priests, 1 Lord and 1 Pack Leader with Runic Armor, Storm Shield and one had a wolf claw and the other had a Frost Weapon. 3 Units of Long Fangs with 5 missiles along with 1 unit of Scouts with a melta gun and pair of power weapons. The scouts and all Grey Hunter units had a Wolf Guard with a combi melta and power fist.

The tournament was excellent as Brian and Mike always host a solid event at the Darkside store and is by far one of my favorites to go. Their tables and scenery are always top notch and Mike is an excellent organizer for events.

Our first game was against Jake and Roger playing Imperial Guard and Black Templar. The Templars had a Land Raider two units of Sword Brethren (one group was assult oriented with lighting claws and thunderhammer/storm shield combo with cyclones in the other).
He had a few other core units but that was about all. The Imperial Guard player had a pair of the Executioner plasma tanks with multi-meltas, a Medusa with the shell upgrade, a command squad with Creed and some Veteran squads with camo cloaks.

This game was all about hidden objectives. You didn't know what your objective was until you deployed...ours was to capture objectives, they got the same objective as well. Overall this game went smoothly and without any issues, the scouts disrupted the back and we was quickly able to cut off some of their firepower and we threw a large brick at them that stalled their advance towards our objectives. In the end, we had one contested, they had one and we had the other two....a solid win and we took a total of 27 points with bonus points.

Our second game was just as usual fate has it, we had to play Clark and one of the other guys from Skull and Bones. They had the Necrons and Raven Guard Marine list. The Necron player had Immotek (Mr Nightfight as I call him), 4 units of Immortals and a large swarm of scarabs. Clark had Shrike, 2 huge units of terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields, 1 scout squad with sniper rifles, another squad with a lascannon that he combat squadded it seemed.

The game was simply annoying with the night fight and was a rough game. The first unit of Thunder Hammers died after several rounds of fighting and the second unit finished off that and had to fight another batch of two Grey Hunters was a slap down leaving one squad broken, 2 wiped out out and the Lord had only taken one wound and at the end of the game was facing down two Terminators that I feel he would have polished off if we had another turn. This mission was also a tough one as each player on a team had to have a unit each to claim a table quarter for points each turn. Chris and I should have deployed different but that was our mistake in the end that gave Clark and his friend a solid win.

The last game was against Nids and Space Marines played by Don and Chris. The Marine list had a Chapter Master (for the  orbital barrage), a pair of Razorbacks with Heavy weapon squads, two troop choices on foot and the Nids had the Tyrant with guard in tow, two large beasties that poops out the Guants, two units of Gaunts, the Doom in a pod and another large beastie. This game went slower than I had hoped, but when you have models pooping out units and such it just eats into the game and we had to look up a few things. The Doom was annoying and just tore up a Long Fang Squad before I was able to take it out with Grey Hunters. I did come up with an amusing trick when it came to dealing with the Pod. It was immobile, but not a vehicle. I tank shocked it with the Rhino, it got the death and glory chance to destroy the rhino before it plowed through it and turned it to pulp. This game was about objectives as we each had two on the table. We managed to defend ours on the last turn from the Tyranid swarm as the Marines defended theirs. I did manage to get a unit of Grey Hunters to one objective and assault the defending unit on the last turn allowing us to contest it for a win....we had a few rules look ups including the ruins incident. The Marine player thought the wall was solid but most games I play you treat it as a ruin that you can move through. Well, the rules say you agree upon it, sadly we didn't discuss this early on as we was tired and the last game. We tossed a d6 to determine what it was. With luck on our side it was a ruins I could pass through! Otherwise it would have been a flat out draw.

We took 4th place (just 1 point shy of 3rd!) ARG! Still, it was three solid games against three great teams and the food at Yoders was excellent (except they put cheese on my skillet scramble)....I used some leftover cash to grab a pair of coffins from the Malifux area to add to the Strange Aeons collection.

In some after action discussions we found several units in the game was key to helping us in several games.

Grey Hunters: 6 troop choices was simply more than enough and a tough unit to take out. They handled themself every game with perfect execution even unto death.

Wolf Lord: The combo of runic armor, storm shield and wolf claw along with Saga of the Bear made him one tough opponent. The first game found him taking a loss in a battle and retreating but still unscathed. The second game, he walked away with only one wound and about to finish off two terminators and in the last game he stood up to a Hive Tyrant without blinking.

Wolf Scouts: Wow, these guys was tough despite how much they seem weak, they was underestimated every game. The second game it took out a unit of Immortals, Scouts and ate into another unit of Immortals before they died.

Here is some photo's of the event....

Jake and Roger, these guys as by far just a great team to play against!

Must be that it was an Ice table that the Space Wolves won!
This was early on on the 2nd turn.

Laterin the turn when the Land Raider advanced!

Sadly, the melta guns failed to blow up the Land Raider!

The Wolf Lord urges his men forward to glory!

The Land Raider lets the Sword Brethern and the Emperor's champion loose upon the Space Wolves!

Clark and company looking over their deployment.

First turn, slow advance to figure out where to direct the game if possible.

Late in the game, Scarabs ate a Rhino, the Grey Hunters busy with pest control.

The Wolf Lord and his squad battle the last Terminator, only to have a second group in route to finish them off.

Game 3, the Hive Tyrant advancing.

Don and Chris

The Tyrant adances with the brood.


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    1. Thanks, when I looked at the situation and thought that if I didn't have to use the Grey Hunters to destory it I would be able to advance them towards the objective and run. I had to check with the rules and the TO to be sure (unless we missed something). The rhino was useless anyway as the storm bolter was blown off the first turn.


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