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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Squigbowl Results

Well, I lost 3-0 in the Squigbowl finals against the Slann. Fast and agile team makes it hard for a strength team to get to them at times. There was also some twists of luck for both sides and I had a few shortfalls in the dice area and at other times I was on fire.

I shall post the Squigbowl rules below so any fans of Blood Bowl can give it a try, the game is a scream and a riot. I think the Squig was the MVP of the game as it plowed down a good bit of the Slann, a few orks and killed on of each of our team members.

On the plus side I killed his Kroxigor when he tells me to reroll with his Apothocary and I get dead again! Whooo! The joke of the night was "I HAVE BLOODWEISER BABES!"

Some bits of the game was that we both took one of our Chainsaw brethern into the game and I took the goblin bomber also. Really, the Chainsaws didn't do much and we  had a clash of chainsaws for a moment that amused me. The Gobbo was a waste of 50k and I regret it now. Granted he DID bring some amusement when I tossed a bomb at some of his Slann, he misses an interception, a diving catch player grabs the bomb, throws it at my Black Ork, catches it, throws it back at the frogs, they catch it again, then the Blizer catches it, it goes back to the frogs that throws it again to finally land on the Black Ork. I ended up taking out one of his linemen in the blast and 4 of my orcs was on their back. Ugh!

Patrick scored up 2-0 by the end of the first, I had a few promising moments during the game and the luck just didn't hold out sadly. So, he took home his second Squigbowl win two out of three seasons. I took second place and had a great time that night laughing at the antics of the game all around.

I won one of the league prizes (a pair of dice) and I got some prize support credit that I used to purchase a new toy for my Necron army along with some paints that I needed to replace.

A great night and was a blast...looking forward to next year!

The paint I got...

My new dice and did they roll well? I like'em!

The Necron forces receive some reinforcements!

For those interested here is the Squigbowl Rules:

SquigBowl Rules

Plays like a standard game of BloodBowl, with one exception; the ball sewn
under the skin of a particulary nasty Squig. Starved for days before the big
game, he will snap and bite at anything he touches! The following rules apply
during the SquigBowl:

The Squigball has the following stats:

MA 1D6 ST 3 AG 3 AV 7 Dodge, Claw, Horns, Thick Skull

The Squigball has the following special rules:

1) The squig is (usually) alive and kicking, and constantly on the move. At the end of each players turn, that coach rolls a D6. The squig will then Blitz! that many squares. This means that Horns will be applied on more than one
2) If the squig is ever moved into a players square, it will throw a Block against that player unless the squig is seriously injured or dead.
3) The squig applies the Horns skill on ANY block it throws, not just Blitz's
4) The squig does not have to spend 3 movement to stand up if it is prone.
It can stand up for free.
5) The squig does not have to roll for dodging in or out of player's tackle zones (no one is stupid enough to try and stop it)
6) Use the Scatter Template to determine the direction.
7) The squig WILL run off the field! Use the standard throw-in rules to handle
this. However, when thrown in, if the squigball lands in a player square, it will throw a block against the player.

If the Squig runs into a player, the Squig throws a block against that player. That player's opposing coach compares the ST of the Squig and the player. Each teams' players provide offensive and defensive assists if applicable. The opposing coach then throws the appropriate # of block dice.

If the player is Pushed, the opposing coach of the player chooses the push location, and the squig will always follow up. The squig then continues its movement.

If the player is Knocked Down, the opposing coach of the player rolls Armor and Injury as normal. The squig will always follow up, if possible.

If the squig is knocked down, the players' coach rolls armor and injury against the squig. Use the following injury table:

Prone: No effect. Leave the Squigball standing. Do not place the Squigball prone.

Stunned: The player fends off the squig's attack. The squig stops moving and
loses any additional movement.

Knocked Out: Place the squigball prone. During the next coaches turn, any attempts to pick up the Squigball are resolved as if the squig is a normal ball. However,
after being picked up or when the turn ends, the squig is awoken and plays normally.

Serious Injury or Death: The squig is mangled to a point where is no longer fights. Replace the squig miniature with a standard ball and treat is as such until a
touchdown or the half ends. After a touchdown or the half ends, the dead or injured squig is replaced with a fresh squigball. Attempts to Pass, Catch, and Intercept the Squigball still incur a -1 penalty. Also, you may not throw Long Bombs.

Tackle Zones

The squigball exerts a tacklezone just like a player, but does not give assists to
either team during blocks or fouls. This means dodging away or into the squigball's tackle zones incur the normal penalties as if the squig was an opposing player.

Handling the SquigBall

A live squigball is a little mass of muscle, teeth and sharp pointy things, and
therefore not very aerodynamic or easy to handle. A player can choose one of two
ways to pick up the squigball:
1) The player chooses to try and avoid the pointy things and grab the squig quickly. Roll as standard pick up with a -1 to pick up the ball. A failed pickup counts as a turnover. Place the player prone and the opposing player's coach may make an Armor and Injury roll as if the player was knocked over from a block.

2) The player must make a block against the squig. If the player was moving, this
does not count as a Blitz! action. The following results will occur:

On any result where the squig would be knocked down (Defender down, Defender stumbles and blocker has Tackle, Both down and blocker has Block), the squig is beaten into submission and picked up.

On a push, the squig is pushed in a random direction (use the Throw-in Template template), and the blocker may follow up. This does NOT count as a turnover, and that player may continue their movement. If the squig is pushed into a player, the squig throws a block against that player.

On an attacker down result (or both down and blocker does not have block), place the player prone and the opposing player's coach may make an Armor and Injury roll. This counts as a turnover. Each player may only attempt to pick up the squigball once per turn this way.

3) Attempts to Pass, Catch, and Intercept the Squigball incur a -1 penalty. Also, you
may not throw Long Bombs.

4) When a player is holding the squigball and attempts to take an action, that player's coach must roll a D6. On a 1, the squig squirms loose, bites the player and runs off. Make an immediate Injury roll against that player, and scatter the squigball. This counts as a turnover. You may use a team or leader reroll to reroll this. You do not need to roll this if the squig is seriously injured or dead.

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  1. Sounds like a fun game!

    My favorite moment of the goblin bomber was throwing it over the line, a dwarf intercepting it, catches it, throws it over my line, my troll intercepts it! but in trying to throw it back, fumbles it, only he got injured by it- I figured he'd stuffed it in his mouth ;)


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