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Sunday, March 11, 2012

40k Team Tournament: Armada Games (March)

Chris and I headed to Armada to play in a team tournament they held at the first of the month. We brought the Space Wolves and Imperial Guard to this event expecting some rough lists.

I don't have the list Chris had but I know he had one Rune Priest, a few Grey Hunter squads with melta guns, each with a power weapon and a Wolf Gard with a power fist and combi-melta, 2 Long Fang Squads of 5 missiles, 5 Scouts with 1 power weapon and melta gun with another Wolf Guard with the same kit. Each of the Grey Hunters had a Rhino and I think that was all.

My IG list was rather bland with a Command squad with 3 melta guns and a power weapon on the officer, 2 Veteran Squads with 3 melta guns and Chimeras, the HQ had a chimera also. I had one platoon command squad with 4 flamers in a chimera, another 2 line squads with autocannons and sniper rifles in a Chimera also along with two special weapon teams with 3 melta guns each. I had also the Executioner with plasma sponsons and a heavy flamer in the front hull along with a pair of Exterminators with full heavy bolter kits.

The event was supposed to start at 1 but was delayed until after 2pm as the organizer  (not the usual guy I know) was late showing up to run it. Not a good start off the bat. He also printed out 2008 team tournament missions from Adepticon so they was dated for 4th, not 5th edition games.

The first game was against Space Wolves and Blood Angels! Wheew! Ugly mix here. They had several jump squads of Blood Angels, Sanguinary Priests, two scout squads with sniper rifles with cloaks, several heavy weapon squads and the Space Wolf player had two drop pods with 1 dreadnought with a multi melta and another squad with Logan, I think he also had another Grey Hunter pack in a Rhino (maybe two) and they also had Mephesiton in the army.

The game was take the objective in the center that scatters left or went to our right a few inches and we opened with a stream of firepower to weaken their forces. The game passed back and forth until the time was suddenly called. The organizer was not the usual guy running the event and was a store employee. He apologised he was busy with customers and failed to give any time warnings. Sadly, this resulted in a loss for us with a few bonus points along with a secondary objective going to us due to this half ass time keeping.

Next up we was paired against Tau and Dark Eldar. While I don't recall everything, they had ALOT of vehicles and Broadsides. This was overall a rough game, early one they was totally blasting us to hell but we was able to slip back into the game once our reserves came on. This put some pressure on them that allowed us to score some points in the secondary and last objective even though we didn't take the primary. We also picked up some bonus points that helped our score out.

The last round we was put up against Dark Eldar and Blood Angels! Well, we got first turn which I figured would come down to who went first. Our first two turns of shooting was nothing short of a amazing. By the end of the 2nd round 80% of the Dark Eldar was shot down and the Blood Angels was having their own troubles. By the end of the game, we had the center taken and ready to blow up the beacon along with tabling the team on the final round. The second Storm Raven was the last thing to go. Again this was another crazy game...the Death Company made it to our lines only to find so many guns pointed at them they died a painful death after killing one unit. The second amusing part was Dante landing with a squad behind one of the Long Fangs and killing all but one, then everyone rolled towards them and the squad also ate 3 plasma cannon shots among other things. Needless to say, there was little left of that squad after the shooting phase ended. It was a brutal loss for the other team and was extremely lucky on our part to have some great dice rolls but I guess we built our our karma that day due to the mishaps.

Each game ran longer than expected and we didn't leave until 11:30, mind you we was at the store at 12 noon when they opened. I got home later than going to an event in Sarasota that takes me about an hour and half to drive home! GAH! Plus we went for food between turns 2 and 3 only to find that Dairy Queen had a line that was not moving and a bunch of workers that just stared at you as they walked by. Service was not their goal there, we ended up getting McDonald's at Midnight (mind you we last at at 11:30 am at Wendy's) that was again another fast food nightmare....

Chris was not fond of Armada but I explained the guy hosting it was not the usual organizer and should give it another try before he writes off the store. Despite all the crap we did take 3rd and got some prize money....we laughed on the way home as it worked out to $2 an hour roughly in prize money...hahhahahahahaha

Our first round opponents! Alberto and Jim.

Deployment for the IG/Wolves

First turn, the Dreadnought lands near. Blows up the Executioner!
Granted we blew the dreadnought and drop pod to hell the next turn in revenge!

The game about mid point...

Grey Hunters head for the wreck for cover!

Wolf Scouts suprise the IG!

Blood Angel Jump Troops threaten the vehicles.

Keegan and Charles (hope I got their names right!)

Deployment for us....

                                                                   James and Austin, Round 3!

The Dark Eldar take a pounding!

Simply amazing artwork on the raiders.

More erotic artwork on the other side.

Death Company make to the lines only to discover a ton of guns pointed at them.

Feel no pain? Feel some shotguns and 3 melta guns!

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