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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Late Battle Reports: Darkside Comics (Feb 2012)

Chris and I hit Darkside this past month to throw some dice and play a few games of Warhammer 40k. I admit things have been crazy of late and I have been busy that I just have not had time to write up a proper battle report. So, instead I am going to post some pictures and talk about the stuff there. I wanted to share the new Tyranid Bio-Table that was amazing to play on!

I went 1-1-1 with IG, beating Eldar, tied against Space Wolves and Lost to a Tricked out bug list and bad luck. Two armies was solid and well balanced competative lists, the Nids was less so and the player needed to work on his management of the army with all the tricks and such he worked into it. We lost some time as he shook out unpainted Gaunts onto the table to deploy them each time some of the big beasties pooped out another horde of bugs and he was forgetting what had psychic powers used on what unit. So,  I handed him some markers and we continued.

Overall I had a good time, I was getting a bit flustered when the other guy wanted to continue to another turn and I felt we didn't have time, but he wanted to "WIN BIG" it seems....I just hate we ran late and  well past time called to resolve his last turn.

Here is the photos:

Tyranid Bio-Table

Clark, Eldar


Eldar Advance

Eldar skimmer rans my Chimera. BOOM!

Another ram,  his time a tougher target. The Tank won! Still I was rendered immobile.

Chris, Space Wolves

The table, open grounds for a kill point game.

Advance of the IG, Space Wolves bunkered.

Space Wolves tangled up by IG shooting.

A unit of 10 becomes a unit of 2 after a few plasma blasts.

Space Wolves advance, but took late...

Nid player...

Area 51, fitting for bugs and IG...
Nids deployment...

About mid of the game, the power was low on my camera so I didn't take any more shots.

Looking forward to the next following weekend for the quarterly team event at Darkside. What I enjoy most about this event is I can play with my friend Chris in a team setting. It's more social and I won't be paired up with him. It always never fails that every other event we tend to score the same and end up paired. And also, just another good laugh, Clark is from my area also, so I drove almost 2 hours to play two people I could have driven to meet within 15 minutes!


  1. I do like the Nid table, but I have to think its a bit light on terrain.

    Congrats on the Spiky Bitz win!

  2. A lot of work was put into that Nid table and it took quite a bit of time for it to completely come together. And you did have the honor of playing the first game on it. :)

  3. That is true Geo and I thank Brian and Mike for helping to ensure that. It is a truely fantastic table and was a blast to play on. Everyone that worked hard on that table deserves a hearty congrats on work well done.

    I do agree with Swags that it could use a bit more scenery but I think that will come in time. It is truely a labor of love! It made that 1:45 trip there worth it to play on that table alone.

    If you live in the Florida, the Darkside has some of the most amazing tables to play on. It is worth a trip there to play there!


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