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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Two Games at Colisum of Comics

While I was working in Orlando for a few days, I had the pleasure of playing two games with Thomas at the new location for Colisum of Comics. Due to schedule conflicts I have not made it over to the store in almost a year aside from last month's visit while my wife and I was enjoying a few days of respite in Orlando during the lovely rainey seasaon.

Grey Knights Grand Master

We played two games in all, I brought my Word Bearers that played in the GW elimination tournament at the grand opening event with a few slight changes.

Demon Prince, wings, lash. Sorcerer with Lash. 3 squads with 2 plasma guns in two, 2 melta guns in another. A single power weapon and two power fists with a pair of two Obliterators rounding out the list.

He had Crowe, 3 units of Grey Knights, Storm Raven and Dreadnought.

Our first game was a simple game of capture and control. We each placed an objective in our side of the table with a 12" pitched batttle deployment. I put both Oblits on each end with two squads to push towards his objective and one to hold mine.

This was just a brutal game as it played out. We both had some amazing luck and some really terrible luck at points. Towards the end, it was only 3 Oblits left for me, he had a Storm Raven and 2-3 Grey Knights surviving. Due to a bad tatical choice, Thomas did not go directly for the objective hoping to play it safe. After we talked about his choice, he tried to run only to get a 1! Oh how close it was! Ending in a draw all to the fate of the dice!

Magnets hold his dread on to the Raven.


Grey Knigths Raven

Take cover!

The dance begins!


The Grey Knights find themself in the thick of fighting!

The Stormraven dishes out sweet revenge.

Desperate battle with faith with the Icon Bearer!

Oblits vs Dread!

Second game less exciting to be honest. We had Dawn of War deployment with Kill Points. I kept my list and Thomas adjusted his some to allow for Drago, some Paladins, the Raven and two squads of Grey Knights.

This game was over after the 2nd round. He charged the Raven forward, dropped Drago and the Paladins off, I beat them up after taking a loss of a Demon Prince and a squad but managed to blow up the Raven as it was fallling back, wacked Drago and his two Paladin Bodyguards. After I picked another terminator from another 3 man squad Thomas hid most of his stuff and the game ended again on a 1 after turn 5. I took the win with one more kill point in my corner. We almost had a draw until I realised that the Sorcerer was I6 and Drago was I5, so he wasn't able to wipe out the remaining Chaos Marines in the end.

Our second table.

Stormraven drops the kids off.

Grey Knights hide.

The epic battle begins!


Look Thomas up if your in the Orlando area and challenge Tomdogg on the Colisum of Comics board for a game. He's a great guy to play against and I hope he learned alot from our games.

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