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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Anthem League Status and Stats for my Team!

Here are my stats for the first quarter of our league. We have 4 full 4 week quarters and a 5th with a single game to be completed within 2 weeks. Then the top two plays in the Squigbowl against one another for the top spot.

Team Score:
3 and 0 with two from an automatic win in the league due to a forfeit.

Casualties Team:
2 and 0 with only one game to account for casualties so far again due to the forfeit.

#2 Lineorc (Baconz) has 6 SPP (1 MVP and 1 Bonus) and has Block now.

#5 Blitzer (Snaggletooth) has 9 SPP (3 TDs) giving him Strip Ball. * Two TDs are allocations from t he forfeit game and randomly rolled. Both rolls were a 5!

#6 Blitzer (Longjaw) has 8 SPP (1 Casualty, 1 MVP and 1 bonus) giving him Dodge.

#9 Black Orc (Ironsidez) has 2 SPP (1 Casualty)

TV is 1,180,000 with 30k in the bank!

Going into the second quarter of playing I now have a full team, a small bank to build up for a Troll or another reroll now. I am happy with having 12 to field including a backup on the bench now and an Apothecary to save one from the casualty box.

 3 models have skills now that adds a little extra to the team. The Lineorc is a baby Blitzer now (just slower). One Blitzer if he blocks well enough could strip the ball away and the other Blitzer with dodge and block as skills only has to fear the skulls on the dice now as well as he is more likely to dodge out of a tackle zone also with the reroll.

My first goal is to get #9 at least 4 more SPP. Easier said than done but if I get lucky with two casualties this could happen plus some bonus points over the next game or two could do it.

#5 needs 7 more SPP to get to Veteran status. I may not see this until at least the third quarter unless he gets MVP, Casualties or lots of Touchdowns.  #6 would need 8 to cross the line.

My next two games will focus on trying to score a few times, rack up some casualties and hope the MVP lands in some good spots. A few more skills to round out the team would be a great thing.

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