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Friday, October 28, 2011

Orcs vs Skaven (Second Quarter League Game)

I met up with Adam last night to take on his Skaven for the first game of my second quarter. Adam is a new player to Blood Bowl and with time he will pick up tricks and such to lead him to being a better player and wins.

Skaven are both a bitch to play against and with. Low armor makes them hard to survive but also their speed and agility are deadly if used right.

Meet the coach for the Skaven! "

Squeek there's the ball!" is the name of his team.

I had a bit of luck tonight on some turnovers on Adam's part that really helped me score 3 solid touchdowns including one on the 8th turn in the second half. He did take advantage of the inducements and made good use of the Bloodweiser Girls and a backup Apothocary that was worth his weight in gold saving two of his team from injury and in the game.

My game style was the standard ork method, beat on the what I could get near and score when I could to control the clock. It worked well enough and the intimidation factor of the orks helps. I did also help give him some good advice and some ways to look at his team as he plays. I hope he took home a good learning experience.

One of the amusing things was that a Blitzer that scored ones and inflicted 3 casualties also managed to walk away with MVP racking up 14 Star Player Points!

I told him my past two league seasons was dismal and last year I won one game I think.

Here is some pics of the game:

Adam, the big cheese!

Early part of the first half, just got the ball. Adam tossed the spiked ball card on me!

Carnage towards the end of the drive as we go downfield!

Second quarter! The kickoff result allowed me to reposition my models. To the line! It was like a WAAAAAGGHHH was called by the coach!

#7 spikes the ball in the end zone!
Orks win 3-0!!!!

I did manage to also make 80k from the gates thanks to a reroll and having the +1 FAME. That fattened up my treasurey to 110k now. I also managed to pick up skills for my other two Blitzers, I tried to mix it up some with Frenzy and Dauntless this time as I will be taking on Nurgle next and Chaos Ogres soon enough among other big toughs. I also gained my thrid point of Fame! Wooo!

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