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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blood Bowl League: First Quarter Down

Time again for the Blood Bowl update for the league! My second opponent that I had to play is having some issues with work with the rollout of a new computer system. Sadly, he had to accept two losses 2-0 against him.  He still plans to play in the league and has been painting his figures ready for the second round of matches after work calms down some.
While I would rather play a game than accept a freebie, there is little else I can do but get ready for the second quarter of games. I do plan to offer Andrew a game for fun to see how he would fair against my team at a later time. For now, I have to focus on playing a Skaven team and a Nurgle Rotter’s team! The Skaven coach is a new player and I will be helping him learn the ropes as I beat him up to toughen him up for the season. The Rotter’s is another matter, the commish is running this team and it won’t be an easy win. He’s got the team loaded with nasty surprises such as wrestle to avoid injury, a beast of nurgle and other chaos boons to make any game with him hell.
Game 1 against the Dwarfs was a straight up smack down. I kept knocking them down but I couldn’t keep the little bastards off the field! Still I did manage to pull a win in the end for a 1-0 score; the MVP went to my Orc Linemen that was thrown off the pitch for fouling. Add in the TD that one of my Blitzer’s scored and a few casualties racked up a few SPP. The winnings for the game allowed me to purchase an Apothecary for the team now.
Since my second game was an automatic win, I earned 60k in gold allowing me to purchase my 12th player an Orc Linemen. Random rolls for the two TDs from the auto win both went to one of my Blitzer’s that got enough MVPs to get Strip Ball and another Blitzer took MVP and with the bonus of a write up we can post about the game he was able to take a skill on doubles going for Dodge, combined with Block he is a solid brick now. 
To explain to the readers that are not part of our league, our commissioner has offered a bonus of 1 SPP to be awarded to a player of your choice if you post a news report or story about your game. My prior one was an interview with my coach, Gon’ Madden’ for the Mork’s Mangelerz in the locker room. This next one will continue the interviews with the coach about the no-show of the Skaven and how the Orcs are suspected of foul play by blowing up a cheese store near the stadium after lacing all the cheese inside with warpstone to ensure the Skaven would be too distracted to bother to show up and play. I try to bring a brand of comedy to the table to make it interesting reading.

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