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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I have seen the mythical unicorn of 40k!

By this I mean, the gamer that can afford the overpriced Forge World Prices, namely in this case the star ship corridors for ship fighting! I joked with the guy and asked if he won the lottery and he just laughed and said no he was military deployed overseas so he had a ton of pay just building up in an account and nowhere to spend it.....must be nice!

It was an amazing work by the company. Sad that he only just had it primered black instead of painted up looking all awesome yet.

Still the game looked fun and I may drag some stuff with me next week if the guy shows and play with them in between doing demos.


  1. I can't afford any of their stuff. My bank account has a seizure if I go to the website.

  2. Seems like you could make a substitute for that easily at a fraction of the cost

    1. Well, yea, you could....just take time and money....

  3. Hey was wondering if you still talk to (Sean) Pylar from back when we played mordheim at Anthem. Am looking to start running it over here in Clearwater and wanted to pick his brain

  4. Oh its Matt D by the way. Can email me at


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