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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just in case you have more dollars than sense!

Astartes Ultra – A Complete Ultramarines Chapter

Just out by Games Workshop!
Need nearly 1200 marines?
Got about $12k to blow?
Do you want to feel like the Donald Trump of 40k?
Do you always strive to be the envy of your friends?
Have you always wanted to play Apocalypse but you don't have an army big enough?
Tired of your wife and looking for a reason for a divorce?
Don't worry! Just clean out the kid's college fund!
Then this deal is for you Mr. Dumbass!
Hurry now and get Free SHIPPING!

I assume this is a joke by Games Workshop, but sadly it is not April 1st and with some of their past offerings this is more than likely a serious thing. I'm surprised the didn't offer a lay-a-way plan! Serious, if I am buying something like this, I want he entire lot painted to Eavy Metal standards and ready for me to play with when it arrives!

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  1. I think that this is officially the exact point at which we can say that Western civilization is doomed.


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