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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wow, so true about the 40k Meta

This is from Bell of Lost Souls and is so true...

I've been quiet of late with 40k since the Kalm and my last tournament in June (I think) at Darkside. With my old job being phased out I had to find a new one (and did) so the job shift, a death in the family and the holidays has really thrown a wrench into regular gaming.

Mostly Bolt Action has attracted my gaming time as the 40k meta is going in a direction I just flatly don't like. Which the BOLS cartoon sums it up, 40k is turning into Magic. You have to spend money on the latest things and expensive items to get the game winning results, first they opened up rules holes that created deathstar combos and now they are slipping Forge World in and now they are trying to slap more super heavies and defensive kits into the game all for the all mighty dollar. While I respect they are a company and their job is to make money, it is at the expense of the quality of the product that makes us want to be a consumer for it.

Then the rumors are flying at first saying there is a 7th on the way, which is a lie as not enough time has passed but there is discussions of online updates aka 6.1 rules to keep the changes "soft" and not cause sticker shock to the players. Wow, what a load....if they do small updates and sell them cheaper, say $30, do three of these, they make the same if not more than they do on a new book and not even releasing a new rules set. Low work and high profits! All electronic also! Everyone is saying "wow what a concept"! NOT! GW did this I think it was back in 4th, where you had to have a stack of White Dwarf mags to keep p with the meta of the changing rules.  It was in print instead, but it is the same concept. It made things very complicated and hard to keep up with which is what caused them to move to 5th and then 6th which became a train wreck because they didn't think ahead on their changes.

Oh well, to me it is like watching Nascar and you see the wreck about to happen and you can't do a damm thing about it but watch.

Maybe with the Ork book on the rise I may slip back into gaming casual and try a local tournament or two to see what the waters are like again. 

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