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Monday, June 25, 2012

Where is 6th Edition going?

As I wait for my book and mull over the bits of information that I have managed to glean so far.

Stelek over at Truth Hurts made a nice chart from the crappy GW allies list. What is interesting is some of the really weird choices for allies for some armies, some of them are just totally wrong!

Here is the chart if you have not seen it:

So, here is some of my predictions based on the rumors flying about:

1) Larger games, this happened with Fantasy. It will happen again, with Fortifications and new allies options is going to open up the larger game concepts. White Dwarf already pimped 2500 point games. So, expect to see those 1850 and 2k point games disappear in favor of 2250 or 2500 games now.

2) Every army will more than likely have IG as allies, who would not want them to bolster up their weak codex? Otherwise, people are going to find that army to boost their weakness and game on!

3) Broken lists are going to take a new meaning soon, with allies there is going to be so many "grey lines" in the game that GW is going to either have to FAQ the hell out of each codex or things are just going to be plain stupid. Imagine now each FAQ is going to have to address "allies" now.

4) Flyers will appear for a short period of time, then slowly fade from the scene once established lists become dominate like it has been with 5th.

5) Fortifications are going to be the new pain in the ass for 40k. Yea, now I have to drag scenery with me to games. Wonder if this will make it into tournaments?

6) Psychic powers are going to be all over the place. Yea, things are going to be crazy with psychic wars going on left and right due to allies options and the new powers introduced. Time to step back to 2nd edition!

That said, time to sign off and leave you with these two music videos to top off my thoughts! Enjoy!


  1. Except in big games (above 1500 is what I consider a 'big' game) Allies won't be that big of a deal. You still have to spend points on them and you'll be mini/maxing yourself to get there. I think they will be all the rage for a while and slowly become more rare...or for "lets have some fun' games. That said... I'm glad I'll be able to use allied deamons with my Chaos marines or traitor guard... it does make for some fluffy combinations.

  2. While this edition is absolutely a money grab, I anticipate it will be alot of FUN! I enjoy fluffy games and campaigns. Allies opens up my eBay shopping :-)

  3. Turns out that once you get your HQ and 2 Troops, there is no limit to the allies in points, just their FOC that appears 1-2 Troops, 1 HQ and 1 Each from the other spots. So, this means a Space Wolf list in theory if I am right can have 5 HQ choices or more if they take another split HQ option!!!

    I agree it will be good to see allies mixed in, giving some fluff back and balancing somethings, also going to throw a few things out of balance also. I can see some crap people are going to pull already. I have long missed my Word Bearers being able to take Demons...

    The one problem with points Rednekkboss is that most people are going to want higher point levels like Fantasy.

    Doomicon, yea, it is a money grab, but that is GW (or any other company), an article I read awhile back by an economy guy about GW made sense. I think the rules will be a blast and many new things will change the dynamics of the game.

    Oh Doomicon, you, your son and buddy should come up in the fall to my place again and play again at Cabanahammer...long overdue to do one again! May have to arrange one soon to celebrate 6th!!!


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