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Friday, June 29, 2012

T Minus and counting! Launch all drop pods!

Pods away! Rule books inbound! We are a go for invasion!

It is the day before the release and we are all no doubt like children waiting for Christmas! Checking our mailboxes, asking the stores when they will sell the books and polishing up their armies as well as blowing dust off old armies for future alliances.

Perhaps he should go with a shorter robe?


  1. Any word on the fluff? Search forums and all I get is discussions about ally rules.

    Have they moved the fluff forward at all? Only reason I am interested in the hardback is if the story moves forward. I still read BL books on a regular basis :-)

    If it's the same year m41 999999999999999999, then I can wait for small rulebook.

    1. From what I read online, yes, there has been some major shifts in fluff. Nobody cares to post it up as there is so much and everyone is more interested in the rules. Most people say wait till the book is out and read it.

      Highlights I heard, Tau and Marines form an alliance that Roboute Guilliman started long ago. Guess it comes to light now, some of the relationships with Terra become thin, Astronomicon is starting to darken slightly, 13th Crusade impact by Chaos is in there, some other goodies as well..

  2. Cool, I'll pick it up Saturday. Wish I was closer to Anthem :-( Nothing in St. Pete.


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