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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Are you one of the lucky ones?

By this I mean did you get your copy of the rules? I didn’t. After all these months of reading rumors, getting excited about a new edition, taking the time to preorder with my local gaming store and making sure I would be there when they opened on the day they could sell the books and be the first in line to buy my purchases. I looked forward to getting together with friends, reading the book, talking over stuff and perhaps playing a game….
Instead, I am met with a sad face of an employee that explains that GW shorted the product to the store. Those that prepaid got their copy and everyone else is just out of luck. Well, it has been busy for me at work so getting by the store was the last thing on my mind; I also want to support my local store by making my purchases there instead of online. Sure, sometimes I may get some stuff online but it is also my intent to keep the local stores open otherwise we don’t have a place to play. They have to pay their bills after all!
The only small merit of the day is I was able to buy the two decks of psychic cards I ordered for myself and as a birthday gift for my friend. Still, I got no rules copy and just watched some friends play a game and sat on the sidelines watching without a copy of my own to read and enjoy. So, I am now sitting around waiting for the rest of the order to come in. I have lost time now that I could have played a test game and read the book to start learning the rules.
I sent GW a complaint email, will they care? Hell no. They really did bad business this time around, shafting their retailers for one, then their customers secondly. This has been one of the worst releases GW has ever done with any edition that I can recall.
As a former GW employee and have read the red book, this is a huge disgrace to the GW company as a whole and someone should answer for this. I mean, really, where was the failure?
I am now just waiting for my copy to come in, man this weekend has been an utter disappointment.


  1. Sorry to hear you got shafted Styx. Played my first game today with my Iron Wolves and had a blast beating on some Crimson Fists. Vindi was the start of the game..absolutely brutal. Not having to worry much about losing the cannon really helps. Anyway, hope you get your book soon and get to womping on something!

  2. Thanks Quinn, it was good to watch a game but not the same learning experience as playing a game. I talked to the store manager some today and he hates how everyone got shafted and plans to discuss it with GW and plans to get the books in ASAP. Still, just no telling when, I am sure GW is sitting around with their thumb up their arses and not really trying to fix the issue.

  3. Well, that sucks. Especially with the pre-order. I feel kinda bad that I was able to just walk into my LGS and grab a copy. Granted, I did it within 15 minutes of them opening, but they had a midnight release and I was wondering if they would have enough left over (OR if there would be a shipping snaffo, especially with all the storms around Maryland and that).

  4. Sorry about that, I feel your pain.
    I'm still waiting on you know.
    At least you got to observe a bit, I had to cancel a friendly git together at my house because of the direct-ship SNAFU.
    I'll be interested to see my email response, and yours as well.

  5. That stinks! I'm still slugging thru it, hadn't much time. Disappointed in the fluff, as they advanced the story about 10 seconds further than my 4th Ed Hardback :-(


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