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Monday, March 11, 2013

The Crucible Aftermath!


Well, I had a good time despite the lack of support from my dice and some over the top lists that I had to face that felt more like playing against a steamroller than playing Warhammer, but I will discuss that in my series of Crucible articles that will include:

1)      Rankings and breakdown.
2)      Thoughts on Forge World at events.
3)      Hyper Competitive lists vs. Competitive Lists. Yes, there is a difference.
4)      Team and Single Tournament Game overview with pictures.

The Good:

  • Tim and company did a smash up job running Crucible this year as it was the first ever 40 k entries to the event. I want to give a huge thanks to Tim and company for their hard work.
  • 9 games in one weekend!
  • Won a door prize of Imperial Guardsmen!
  • Placed Third in the Team Tournament with our Lion and the Wolf.
  • Every game I could not complain about the player as everyone was great to meet.
  • I placed mid of the pack in final standings despite 2 major losses and 1 minor loss.

The Bad:

  • My dice sucked. Even after changing them on Sunday.
  • The gaming area was hot, very hot!
  • One of the Elevators gave out, so only one worked the entire weekend.
  • My first game on Sunday was 30 minutes late to start. The guy overslept due to time change. I could have been a dick and took the auto win but I played it out to a loss.

The Ugly:

  • A couple of hyper-competitive lists that I had to play.  Which I will talk about later.
  • Forge World, it belongs in friendly games and Apocalypse games, not events. 


  1. The good seemed to have outweighed the bad here. 9 games and FREE LEAD!

  2. Free swag is always award would be a nice bonus...but oh well, can't win them all.


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