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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Container Store Raid!

My wife and I stopped at the container store today and I grabbed up a few choice items to test out as possible storage products. In all, the three cost me $12 and some change and I am happy with the quality (plus they are  MADE IN THE USA). I admit it is getting harder to find products within our own country and frustrating at times.

The loot!

The shoe one costing less than $2 holds 4 Rhinos (could put one more in) in various methods including 2x2 facing or like this with two long and two flipped the other way.

The next size up, holds a flyer nicely, just add padding. Just $4!

The next one (a sweater box) holds 4 of the standard GW trays, the first one goes in with a slight bow but when all 4 are in, you can add a foam topper on top and everything is snug and secure! Not bad for $6.

Side shot to see how everything packs in nicely.

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