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Thursday, August 8, 2013

A fool and his money are soon parted!

Wow, they are really trying to appeal to the kiddies and power gamers....this is a horrible kit, it looks like crap! A 5 year old glued a bunch of extra stuff together with leftovers is what I see. 

Another sign of the decline, their ideas are getting dumber and dumber.....the pricing is also just wow, puts me without words. I doubt I will be buying the new Marine book as I have Space Wolves and Blood Angels....I may get a Sternguard box to get the bits depending....on what the box contents are like.

GW is starting to lose another round of customers....I know several people that are not buying as much as they used to, trading, selling off stuff, prizes from tournaments and buying discount online. While the last hurts a retailer, other items are bought from LGS to keep them in business, but not this crap. 

GW HQ Execs! 

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  1. Yeah, the new marines are like.... somebody got drunk on Mars and produced a very bad design. Come on! 2 power armors, one on top of the other one, to look like a 2nd grade Sci-Fi movie from the 60's???


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