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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wow! The Warp has caught me!

Well, the camera was broken until of late when my wife surprised me with a new camera to take pictures again! Yay! She's a great woman and what more can I say!

While I have not been posting much, I have not been idle, among other projects on other blogs I have been seduced by the siren song of Chaos again, my first army when I first got into 40k and Dark Angels since the arrival of their new book after such a long wait from the last codex. I bought that codex, started to build up an army and then 5th just kicked it in the nuts and told me to pack it away. Chaos saw the table off and on but IG and Space Wolves won out as newer books, newer models, rules and much more playable.

These past few weeks I have the Hell Drake almost done, I've been reworking about less than 20  Iron Warriors and another lot of similar number to the Word Bearers to bolster both legions. Both was short some extra bolters and some specialist weapons as well as I had a few heavy weapons to add into the mix. Plus I have managed to crank out about 20 Possessed from my bits and are now ready to step up to the painting table. I have also about 6 Word Bearer Terminators that I have been painting off and on trying to get them done.

I also broke out some Army Painter Green and sprayed a huge chunk of my Dark Angels and found a nice bone color that claims to be a camouflage grey, really? Looks like bone to me! In any case, on a nice day I cranked out a ton of spraying to get ready for the wet season again and hot weather. Once that rolls in, primer work is a joke. Humidity and high heat don't mix well with rain off and on...welcome to Florida!

In any case, here are a snapshotof a batch of Iron Warriors that I just finished. There are of course some specialists in the wings to finish and the same goes for the Word Bearers that are just starting to see some red paint!

The work tray.

10 more Iron Warriors join the legion!

The Dark Angels stand proud next to the Space wolves.